Great hairstyles For kids , Great For School | Back To School Ideas


  1. must see video!!!! and please go show some love and support thanks

  2. can you do another one but with straight hair hairstyles

  3. that's ellarie's daughter Yoshi

  4. La 3 elle fé tro sa maline té la ca 4

  5. 1:11 not to be rude but she was picking her nose hahahhahahahahahah it's ok she is little

  6. Is she your daughter? Also the hairstyles you do are amazing ??

  7. llo quiero saber si es crema lo que usa o codishion

  8. Like my mom always told me beauty take pain and boy is she taking it.

  9. She is toooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!………….???

  10. kkkkkkkk. amores. lidonas ????????????????????????

  11. lindas como sempre parabéns lindona elas estão lindonas parabéns

  12. les plus beau cheveux que j'ai jamais vus jusqu'à maintenant

  13. me gusto el segundo y los demas horribles

  14. τέλεια μαλλιά! εξαιρετικά αλλά και πολύ δύσκολα στο λούσιμο για να τα χτενισεις ! πολύ σγουρά!!!!

  15. did anyone peep the girl picking her nose

  16. she was Digging in her nose on he second one

  17. My fav part:when the little girl picks her nose near the beginning ???????????

  18. DELEN LIKE SI ES CIERTO ?????????

  19. que lindo el pelo de la niña es muy bonita le quedan todos los peinados bien algunas personas se ríen de su color de piel y de su pelo ella es una persona igual que nosotros

  20. parese que tiene piojos

  21. like si vieron a la niña morenita sacándose un moquito en él minuto 1:10

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