Grow Your Nails Fast


  1. anyone watching this in 2017?

  2. can I use clear nail polish

  3. Your French tips are half of your nail lol

  4. my nails is very long and beautiful

  5. Can we use coconut oil also or another

  6. you can use a Vaseline cream as long as it says stronger nails to moisturise the cuticles

  7. Who else is in the comment section seeing if this method works??

  8. روعععععه ثانكس

  9. can you please do a video of how to grow ur nails long for beggingers

  10. this hoe sounds like she came out of an anime tf

  11. (sees this was made 6 years ago) oh it was made 6 years-WAIT, SIX YEARS?

  12. it's fake already her nails was big

  13. Wow this is so old… I came here from her latest video

  14. how much time did it took to grow you nails

  15. Your first video with narration omg

  16. You made this video on my birthday!!!#April 13????????

  17. Does she has a french on this video?

  18. I was waiting for a comment that says "are your nails naturally that white" xD And , yes, I know she did a French mani!

  19. I never done any of these tips and my nails are like hers after two weeks after I cut them funny!?

  20. that's just the strict way of doing it. try salt, oil and water and you'll be fine 😉

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