Grunge Inspired Lookbook

Hey guys! so many of you are into the whole grunge scene when it comes to makeup and fashion so I decided to create these outfits for you as some inspiration. This is what grunge fashion is to me, it’s my interpretation and I hope you enjoy it!

||Outfit Details||

Outfit 1:
The Smiths Tshirt – Camden Town
Suspended skirt – OASAP
Leather Jacket – Miss Selfridge
Bowler Hat – Ebay
Shoes – Dr Martens
Necklace – DIY
Rings – H Samuels (black stone ring – primark)

Outfit 2:
Shirt – Old cut down distressed shirt
Jeans – Vintage
Flannel – New Look
Shoes – Dr Martens
Belt – Ebay
Beanie – Primark

Outfit 3:
Striped Cropped Blouse – River Island
High Waisted Black Jeans – Primark
Shoes – Ebay
Necklace – Depop
Floppy Hat – Topshop

Outfit 4:
Nirvana Shirt – Primark
Tartan Leggings – Ebay
Leather Jacket – New Look
Lighter Necklace – Vivienne Westwood
Choker – DIY
Holographic Sunglasses – Carboot Sale
Shoes – Dr Martens

Outfit 5:
Guns & Roses Muscle Tee – ???
Distressed Shorts – OASAP
Flannel – Topshop
Cuff Chain Earring – Newlook
Necklace – Newlook
Shoes – Dr Martens
Rings – Ebay

Song : We Are Xolo – 7 & 7

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  1. choker ripped jeans band tee and doc martens – sorted ? honestly i have way to many pairs of docs

  2. doe anyone know where to get her guns n roses tee ???

  3. grunge is about not caring how you look

  4. um gnr is the opposite of grunge. learn your history

  5. I hate it when these people make this kind of video of "Grunge Inspired" for those who do nota know Grunge was a movement against fashion and beauty no onde can ever mix GnR and Nirvana this kind of video is a shithead

  6. LOL los gansos rosas no es grunge jajajaa

  7. u don't need a hat in the first one, trust me, 2nd is perfect (but without a cap), 3rd grunge (not), 4th perfect but that big lighter necklace is kinda too much, 5th perfect

  8. That's not a grunge style but just a TUMBLR grunge style

  9. The Smiths – Brit pop, post punk (early years)
    GNR – Shit sleazy fake rock

    this is not Grunge…

  10. I love Guns n Roses an d Nirvana !

  11. I think morrissey would hate you…

  12. In love with that nirvana shirt

  13. i don't hate the style, i love the style, but i think, the grunge is a style life not a fucking fashion, y por lo que veo este es video del 2014 y ahora no se viste asi, moda pasajera?

  14. I swear this girl does it all

  15. Guns n roses aren't grunge lol

  16. >grunge inspired lookbook
    >gnr top in thumbnail


  17. inspired doesn't mean that it is
    (or am I wrong?)

  18. inspired doesn't mean that it is
    (or am I wrong?)

  19. almost certain she spent hundreds of dollars on these clothes

  20. I hate when people say "this isn't even grunge! She's fake." Well there's a difference between 90's and modern day grunge so your just gonna have to suck it up.

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