Grunge Makeup Tutorial | Inspired By Frances Bean Cobain

Hey guys! so one of my viewers suggested I do this makeup tutorial and since a lot of you enjoy my grunge makeup tutorials I decided to film this one inspired by Frances Bean Cobain’s makeup, I hope you enjoy!

Music : Saint Pepsi x HARRISON – Bearsquad

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  1. I actually love how much you love bands❤❤

  2. I fuckin' love Frances' make up – she's so pretty, i'm jealous

  3. you look better then the other girl in the thumbnail

    It's so kind of you to this most youtubers don't do this btw congratz with your 1mill subscribers???? I would like to win the urban decay palets or the skincare products since I have a really bad skin just a few weeks before my wedding??

    I will make an twitter account on the nam lizzz_morozv
    my instagram account is : @lizzz_morozv

    xoxo liza ❤❤

  4. Hi there your hair color is stunningly beautiful! What is it??

  5. i do this almost every day for college haha:)

  6. Está hermoso… Muchas gracias, me encantó como queda.

  7. Nirvana is my life .. If just kurt decided to live ..

  8. Could you write the names of the products, please?

  9. Fances doesen't even like grunge…

  10. Love your tutorials 😀 most grunge-y makeup looks don't look good on blue or light coloured eyes, so it's really helpful to have a tutorial that works around that

  11. me encanto tu video eres guapisima , que ojazoos, sigue asi lo haces super bien, es el pirmer video que veo jeje

  12. I love your video,but i would have really enjoyed seeing how you did the eyebrows for this tutorial.

  13. Oh my god you posted this on my birthdayyyy:3

  14. There's no better place to get Grunge inspired makeup than Frances Bean 🙂 I love Nirvana

  15. Isn't it Kurt Cobain's daughter`?

  16. love the video! i looked into getting the eye shadow you showed but it's discontinued. do you have any others that would work with this look? x

  17. You look like a model from urban outfitters ??? so pretty ?

  18. I love your make up! You look great but I have never in my life been motivated enough to apply that much make up. I wish there was an easier way! Haha

  19. You are so beautiful, like a model! I wish I look like you…

  20. Are you polish? Haha

    Iam, obviously my last name.
    Dope video.

  21. Your very beautiful !!!!!! What's the best brand of concealer for dark eye circles

  22. I love this, thank you so much <3

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