GRWM: Summer Bronze & Glow | LOVEEMANDA


  1. What gloss did you use after your lip liner?

  2. Would you be able to list the products you used? The look is pretty but it would be helpful for us viewers to know which products you used….

  3. Ive been binge watching on all ur vids:)) youre gorgeous!! quick question is there a specific way or like best way to take off fake eyelashes?? thx!

  4. What dipbrow color were you using in this video? (:

  5. Can u please post what products u use below or on ur video

  6. what u shade in Fundation mac please?

  7. You are so beautiful! Happy I came back to see some of your amazing videos! ?

  8. A lot of make up. You don't need all that, you are beautiful bare skin. But either way good job on the make up.

  9. you are so pretty ? great video ?

  10. You're so pretty! I really hope they restock the morphie 350 pallet soon ! I want it!

  11. gorgeous! where is the top from… keep making videos! would love to see more looks and outfits!! keep it up!!! 🙂

  12. what are the name of the eyelashes there beautiful 🙂

  13. You looked stunning. Love your makeup tutorials.

  14. podrías hacer una rutina de tus cejas xfa

  15. your so beautiful. you should do eye shadows videos, outfits/lookbook , clothing haul, hair styles, or makeup & outfit of the day would love to see that ❤❤❤

  16. Ugh…. You are tooo gorgeous doll! You should really do a fall makeup tutorial +outfits. Love your videos and have subscribed. 🙂

  17. Where did you get your cherry blossom wallpaper?

  18. I love your videos your so beautiful I can't wait to watch more!

  19. At first I was like dang that's a dark contour but of course, blend blend blend lol it was perfect! ?

  20. You look amazing! I love your brows

  21. Great video. love the makeup glam! ??? Also what's the name of your music ?

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