Concise Guide to Video Content Marketing to Fast Forward Brand Growth

Did you know that 244.4 million people were digital video viewers in 2020? It was a 3.2% increase from 2019, with the youngest and oldest age groups seeing the most significant gains.

Video marketing has become the most popular online content nowadays. Keep reading, and we will walk you through the basics of video content marketing and how it can help increase your online exposure and build your brand.

Benefits of Video Marketing

You will find benefits from your marketing video that range from increasing conversion, helping with brand recognition, and improving organic traffic from search results. When you have a video on a landing page, it can improve conversion by 86% vs. text pages only.

Your video marketing strategy will also help with brand recognition. Videos allow you to get your audience’s attention and connect with them on an emotional or relatable level.

You can engage with your target audience through video to introduce your brand, talk about your product or service, and show people your brand’s mission and how you can help them.

Video marketing can help improve your organic traffic from search results and move you up the page on Google. Video can help you expand your SEO target keywords and phrases.

Videos usually provide a “how-to” with deeper information on how to use your product or service and how it will help your target audience. You can use keywords such as procedure, process, or integration to expand who you’re talking to.

Video Marketing Trends

Video Marketing Trends

When you’re creating video content for your brand, you want to look at all current video trends. YouTube is seeing so many popular trends that are attracting a specific audience.

The trends are helping companies, and influencers attract their target following and keep them coming back. We will walk through a few of the top video content marketing trends.

1. Leave It Up to Your Followers

With a lot of competition in the video space, you want to make sure you’re not only grabbing your audience’s attention but keeping it as well.

Use polls, live streams, and comments to see your audience’s wants and create content based on that.

2. How-to Videos

How-to Videos

How-to videos will be beneficial to explain your product or service. You can connect with your audience on how your product or service can help make their lives easier.

3. Use Current Events

During the pandemic, many companies and influencers found creative ways to help their audience during such a difficult time. For example, finding a way people can use your product or service at home.

4. Short, Mobile-Friendly Videos

You will want to create a mix of long-form and short-form videos. Short videos are best for people viewing things on their phones, and that population has only grown over the past few years.

Are you looking for more tips? See the complete list of the most recent YouTube trends.

Brand Strategy

Include Video Content Marketing In Your Brand Strategy

Now that you know the benefits of video content marketing, you can work on incorporating it into your brand strategy.

Videos can help increase conversion, brand awareness, and your spot on Google searches. There are many trends in video marketing you can use to your advantage to keep your audience’s attention.

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