Guy Tries WEIRD Girl Products ft. MY BOYFRIEND!

Thanks to my awesome fearless boyfriend Dennis for being in this video with me!

  • His Instagram & Twitter: @hey_itsdennis


  1. These kis must be stopped I love a that video

  2. First bf and then fiancé and then husband

  3. # natification squad unicorns pizza gurl Unicode

  4. I thought Denis was her brother

  5. I wish Natalie would have gave Dennis a tampon…..??

  6. hahahaha it so funny??????

  7. You guys are such a good couple

  8. The underwear is so funny ? even my dad ask me what is so funny

  9. Can y’all please do handcuffed together 24 hour challenge please

  10. I so don't I am 12 I don't even have boobs yet I am boobless

  11. I have that bra thing cuz I'm a dancer and when I go to dance competitions I half yo wear them. Lol

  12. this video was sooooooo funny!!! You should do these types of videos more often

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