Guys Try WEIRD Girl Beauty Hacks!


  1. I love you Natalie and you always inspire me with your videos

  2. Make more videos with Dennis

  3. Yo estoy una mexicana también mí mamá está una mexicana

  4. Dennis you go Glen COCO

  5. Strawberries have natural acids

  6. Oml!!! Sooooo cute??❤❤❤

  7. For the blackhead hack Natalie looked like a comedia del arte mask???


  9. The weirdest one was the Hershey’s face mask and that’s the one I wouldn’t try. I would try the strawberry ? and baking soda toothpaste. I also wouldn’t do the Vaseline on my teeth one.

  10. I would try the fingernail polish one like if you would to

  11. I would like to put Hershey's chocolate on my face but I would like to put a bug on me on my hair cuz then because I feel weird

  12. I put vasline in my teeth on drill team because I dance so we smile bigger and brighter

  13. wierdest:hersheys face mask i would try:baking spray i would not try:glue on my nose

  14. you guys are my favorite youtubers???

  15. I want to like nail polish but not the Hersheys chocolate

  16. You are the best and I love your videos I wish I was you the beat youtuber on YouTube

  17. I love your channel and other you tubers do this to but you should say denis trys weird girl Beauty hacks

  18. The glue really does work

  19. I am a chearleder and I don’t put Vaseline

  20. I have to do that Vaseline thing for my cheer for the matches (rugby)

  21. The nail polish you used is the one I have on right now

  22. The Vaseline one looks like there’s nothing but when Denis put it on it looks like there is Adeline #nohate #butyrslove

  23. I are nail polish before

  24. I would try all of the beauty hacks

  25. Can I just point out how pretty this girl is?!?!

  26. Dennis is like "help me from my girlfriend!!!"

  27. I hate your boyfriend he's so ugly

  28. I think I would do the black heads with the glue 🙂

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