H2-OH NO you didn’t just throw away that water bottle! 7 water bottle hacks you’ll want to recycle!

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  2. V.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.good excellent video

  3. Kebab ( türk olan anladı ????????)

  4. in the first hack she tried to act like an actress in 'blossom' channel. like if u agree!!!

  5. wait i’m so confused what is the whole point of the last two thirds of the video? like it had nothing to do with the title. (sorry just confused)

  6. WTH halfway through there are no water bottle hacks

  7. How to do your accidentally pour it next to the bowl, not in the bowl. Are people that dumb?

  8. Most of these were really useful in "emergancy" situations.

  9. Lots of the videos in this is stolen

  10. Wait! Don't you guys recycle water bottles?

  11. but why did it change into a bunch of food videos right in the middle?

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