Hair Brush Straightener | DOES IT WORK?!


  1. Idk what it is but jordan has aged alot in literally a year, here she has a little baby face but her recent videos she looks like 20! ??

  2. I was wondering how you grew your channel so fast? i'm a new youtuber and I was wondering if you had any tips to help out? xx

  3. NOOOOoooo this was painful to watch!!!!!!! Is that how you brush your hair man?

  4. hey jordan, plz plz plz do a hair tutorial on how to curl ur hair or even make waves without using heat… love you lots xxx

  5. You are very beautiful, I have the karmin hair straightener brush and I love it.

  6. Wait 7 dollars though you were English???

  7. Can you planes make a tutorial for your makeup. Because it is amazing

  8. i was the 576,039th subcriber ahah sry for the late subcribe

  9. thats not $7 dollars i got one the same and it was $457 dollars

  10. Do you live in England because everything is dollars

  11. Yeah. My mum bought me one of these for Christmas and I was kinda sceptical as to wether or not it worked so this video has been really helpful. Thanks. ?

  12. How are u sooo pretty?i love you!!????

  13. Your so flipping pretty?????

  14. #askjordan hi Jordan! Can u do a video of how you did your hair before putting it down in this video? It looked so pretty!

  15. #askjordan how do you get one for £7 when i looked for i there was only £30 ones

  16. Can you please do more hair tutorials? I love your hairstyle in this video, and I just love your hair! ❤️

  17. the straightener does work i have that one and a croc their both expensive af

  18. who thinks she looks like olivia from love island!??

  19. Which brand of this hairbrush straightener is this?

  20. you are SO pretty ? love your videos to x

  21. your make up looks really bad ….too much , i am a judger , just honest ???

  22. your hair look so much nicer before you used the brush

  23. I love your hairrrrr?❤️

  24. I mean I get that this video is about reviewing the straightener, but personally I have to say that I prefer her with wavy hair ?

  25. I think this is a good tool for in between straightening. to keep hair straight longer. I think I will try it to keep my hair straight longer

  26. Jordan, you are so pretty! I love your videos!

  27. am I the only one who thinks that with straight hair she kind of looks like young lindsay lohan

  28. ur hair is so drop dead beautiful, like what the heck hahahah, i love ur vids!!! greetings from Venezuela

  29. Jordan I wanna ask where did u buy your top?? And your necklace????

  30. watching your videos back to back!! OMG!!! can't stop obsessing over you!!!??? that's some serious girl crush there!!!??luv ya!

  31. #askjordan hey could you pleaseee make a video tutorial about this look? How you make your tan? Thanks ??

  32. u use so Much heat on ur hair yet it still looks beautiful and healthy… what is ur secret?? 🙂

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