Hair Care Tutorial


  1. This is an amazing video! Your hair is beautiful! And just for other help there is argon oil to use after showers, and it made my hair wonders; heat protection, nutrition, shine, and ads body and Sallys. And for heat protection at Sallys beauty salons get super 8 AND Garnier frictions flat iron heat protection. All three are cheap and honestly amazing. Just in case anyone cant afford some of this.

  2. can you do a video on how to get healthy hair 🙂

  3. What hair color is this carly? Please help me 🙂

  4. I can' find the shampoo not even online! Help please

  5. Carli, can you do an updated hair care, its been almost a year since the last one. Something probably changed)

  6. how many times are you washing your hair in a week ?

  7. can you do an updated one of these? and curly hair tutorials??

  8. WARNING: I have that same exact black hair spray it bleeds everywhere & is hard to remove (it ruined my furniture).

  9. can you please do a makeup tutorial based on this look?
    lots of love xoxo

  10. Have you ever tried redken shampoo and conditioner? Please do an update! Thanks :))

  11. you sound like and favor Mila Kunis. Gawjuss

  12. what is the eye shadow brand called?? Xx Thanks

  13. what hari color you have right now,, looks pretty natural but glossy..

  14. Update of hair tutorial please 🙂

  15. I freaked when you said Swedish House Mafia! -3

  16. i want to see your natural hair

  17. so, what would u recommend for oily hair? (shampoo & conditioner) thanks! 😉

  18. in loreal products are so many silicons and parabens in john frieda products also

  19. check out my hair and skin care secrets at


  21. pleaaaassseee can we see your natural hair!

  22. Your hair seems so soft.. I want to feel it

  23. What color is your hair naturally and what color are your extensions?

  24. where is the link for her friend?

  25. What hair color to u use…..

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