HAIR GROWTH SECRETS! | Mane Tea, Scalp Scrub, Mielle Hair Gummies??


  1. I know I pronounce invigorating different but that's just how I'm used to saying it. No need to leave all these negative comments questioning  my intelligence  over one word.

  2. I love your videos??!! Are hair texture is so similar too!

  3. I’m loving the intro song!

  4. I just ordered my Mane Tea. Can't wait to use it and see if it makes a noticeable difference for me. Thank you beautiful!

  5. YOUR link to Mane tea doesn't work. Thanks for your info!

  6. Do you have to shampoo after using the hair scrub or do you use that as your shampoo

  7. you are beautiful i love your hair…… i just subscribed in case they asked you before but what color is you hair

  8. I love your hair color….what color is that????

  9. Camera quality is on point!

  10. you are genetically blessed with thick hair and rapid growth.

  11. Hey Kaice could you do a product review of the Curls Casmire and Caviar collection?

  12. (can I ask what lip color that is?)

  13. This is so random, and has nothing to do with this video lol but, how kind did you wait to put on makeup after you got your nose pierced?

  14. Yes slay kaice❤️❤️

  15. That edge control… doesn't even fake like its gonna lay my edges down lol.. i guess my hair is resistant asf.

  16. ????Thanks for spilling this tea. That shale is why I keep cutting my hair it’s just so bomb!

  17. I take Natures bounty hair skin gummies..they’re delicious ?I’m gonna have to try these Mielle ones lol

  18. Going to try this because i feel like my hair has been the same length for years. It only grew a little bit this year but i think thats because of my pregnancy lol

  19. I love black caster oil it is literally EVERYTHING FOR MY HAIR!!!!!

  20. Is it just me who always sings along with the intro whiles making awkward gansta face at the end when it 'Yeaah' ( Yes I'm weird)
    Your hair is thicker and fuller for sure. Loving this effortless make up, lipstick is gorgeous. Plus your skin has definitely cleared up, GLOWING!!!

  21. Thank u that tea sounds like I would like to try but 1st some reseach

  22. Hello! Great videos, did your texture change with the change in hair color?

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