Hair on Fire


  1. i think guy is just amazing at making and creating these vibrant hairstyles, its not just a hair style its a form of art. Not only the hair but the way he expresses himself and the meaning behind his work is so different and beautiful. every video has a meaning that shows how important lifes qualities are.

    Guy Tang your doing spectacular KEEP IT UP!!!!

  2. I want him to do my hair so bad 'cause all I want is a more vibrant, scarlet red on my curly hair and I feel like only he could make that work. Getting a good dye job is so hard, I swear.

  3. Sighh wish I had hair just so you could colour it…..btw u have the best clients…

  4. "it takes someone brave to go red"

    I've been bright red often and just washed out one… Feeling kinda flattered tbh?

  5. Can anybody tell me place in Clarksville Indiana or the Louisville Kentucky area that uses guy tangs my identity products. I want a fantabulous right beautiful red do

  6. All that you create is perfect bae♡♡♡

  7. I love her energy!! I'd love to be her friend, lol. Guy, your work is amazing like always ?

  8. I would LOVE to see you do a cutting video!!!

  9. Race doesn't matter.
    It has to do with love

  10. This reminds me of hot Cheetos lol!! But the hair style is rlly pretty

  11. Does anybody know why there's box colored dye advertisements or is it just me

  12. Red is life, I really need the whole line over here, but yet already playing with the first part of it 😀 I already know I'll love the reds so much <3

  13. What do you recommend to give volume for fine thin hair? I have so much problems with that. It doesn’t seem like none of my shampoo, conditioner or anything else really works or actually holds volume.? HELP!!!

  14. Can you do mealine marteniz hair 🙂 [Like If Agree]

  15. Dear guy,
    I am not sure if you will see this so if anyone has an answer for me please let me know.
    I am a licensed professional and I used mydentity 6MR+ pink glow+6 vol on my hair. I’ve retouched it about two times and it’s still in my hair. I am now wanting to change my hair color and I just want to know the best recommendation to getting the color out.
    I had called mydentity customer service and they had absolutely NO IDEA what color I was talking about. Basically told me there was nothing I could do, nothing they could recommend and didn’t know what I used and why I did it… although I tried to explain guy had a video on that color formula. I had to tell the lady four separate times my formula and she sat on the phone and kept saying “um” and “uh”. And said she would just call me back, but never did. All I want to know is what’s the best recommended way to get this particular color out so there’s not a weird chemical reaction. I have a good idea how to get it out, but I’d rather research first before I do it to my own hair. Thanks to whoever can help!

  16. "It has to do with like who we are as a people."

  17. Russians wait for you) When you arrive?✌

  18. I literally used this almost exact formulation to do something very similar a couple of months ago to one of my best friends and favorite clients. I about screamed when I saw this video. Now I know how to take it to the next level.

  19. can I book an appointment with him or does he only do hair for famous people?

  20. Hi! I really wish i could get my hair colored, but i am so young and when i do color my hair people dont like it so i hope i can get colored by you in thr future!!!

  21. Please teach us how to cut hair, blow dry etc

  22. Guy and his clients has a lot of good life lessons to say
    Hair has a lot to say

  23. I just thought I'd let you know im currently out in town (uk) and have just seen a hair dressers advertising your hair products in the window! Thought it was nice!

  24. I dyed my hair but it looks so ugly and I just want to cry it looks swamp green and I don’t know how to make it work. I wish I could undo it.

  25. Hey Guy! Im not really sure you'll ever see this, but thank you so much for pumping out these hair videos. Its a big help watching you work, as an aspiring hairstylist – continuous learning is important. Sometimes in the industry, not everybody teaches you everything. Through your videos, we can educate ourselves further to give our clients the best treatment once they are in our chair. Lots of love !

  26. I love how u just transform crazy hair then just like make it to something so majicel and things no one could do alone I just think u are so good at hair. I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!??

  27. Less than a minute in, and I am in love with Erin's beautiful personality! She IS sunshine! ❤️
    And Guy…. OMG, that RED HAIR !!!! ???❤️❤️❤️

  28. Hair is AMAZING Guy, wish there was a hairdresser like you in Namibia.

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