Hair Tutorial: Blake Lively’s Ponytail on Jimmy Fallon

I loved this ponytail hairstyle that Blake Lively wore on Jimmy Fallon so I had to do a hair tutorial on it!

I Went old school Kayley Melissa for this one, it’s like the Gossip Girl days all over again! This is a pretty great hairstyle and I’m a big fan of how quick and easy it can be! I hope you guys try it out.


  1. Hey loves! Whether you're new or an OG I'm so glad you're watching my videos ?

    How do you feel about the format of this video? I wanted to try something that let me explain more than I can in just a voice over. Also, sound effects ??.

  2. Awww feeling the old vibes. I found you by trying to copy gossip girl hair styles! This makes me so happy.

  3. Still watching since the green sheet!! Love your videos!!

  4. I'm a green sheeter! Haha. This is such a cute ponytail. I think I'll try it out!

  5. What a throwback!! I remember the green background! You've come a long way, thank you for your efforts and amazing videos!

  6. What size curling wand did you use? 🙂

  7. You should do a mens hairstyles tutorial with Jason.

  8. I sometimes search for some of those green sheet tutorials, I have a bunch of favourites from that time <3

  9. I love this!!!! Still remember the green sheet days too!

  10. Hey kayley could u do a ' how to grow your hair faster ' video could really use some help

  11. I can't believe I'm just now finding your channel!

  12. WHEN I SAW THE GREEN SHEET I SCREAMED! AHAHAHA been here for years! so happy with your sucess!

  13. It would be awesome if you did a video with hair scrunchies! I’ve been loving them lately but have flat, fine hair so it just looks weird. Great video keep up the good work!

  14. when i saw your this video in my list i tought it was old one and checked the date nope it s new :)))

  15. I freaked out when I saw the background, oh my goodness!! I was in middle school when I first started watching your videos. The first I ever watched was the Braids Encyclopedia ?❤️ Now I'm a freshman in college. Time flies!

  16. Loved that you brought out the letsmakeitup1 sheet. I've been watching you since high school and feel like I've grown up with! Blake lively has some of the best hair styles. Gonna have to try this on my wavy/curly hair

  17. The second I saw the sheet was a happy throwback to your earlier days! Loved it ?

  18. I loved this talk through style video

  19. Still following you since the green background

  20. I remember the green background time! Your tecnique is quite better now. And not just hair tecnique, but also your editing! You're the best!
    Anyway, lovely hairstyle and… I don't know, but I also love your top (not just in that video)!

  21. For a second I was like: huh, what! I never saw this video before? Then I looked at the date and I saw it was a new video. Totally got me guestioning for a while! Nice touch to bring the green sheet back for once! I love your video's. Love from Belgium x

  22. Do u think that u could do a camera set up tour? Ur videos r such good quality, and I'd to see it!

  23. Kayley Melissa Hi! Can you please make Blake Lively's twisted ponytail hairstyle in The Age Adaline? Please. Thanks!

  24. Thanks for the awesome throw back! Loved the tutorial, I might give it a go for work!

  25. love it! I remember the green bg!! <3

  26. #OGGreenScreen Ahhh Serena!! That's why I started following you in the beginning!!! <3 Love Blake, love YOU

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