Hairline Saving Ponytail Hack! No more Thinning or Balding

Here’s a quick how to on this hair hack that will keep your ponytail from thinning or balding your hairline!!

Here’s some quick tips and tricks for saving your hairline! This is great for hair that is already thin, and for thick hair as well, because thick hair is very heavy! Loosing hair from tension is called traction alopecia and it is the most easily prevented form of hair loss! It really just takes proper precautions and varying your hairstyle. I hope these hacks help you!


  1. Oh wow u r having good muscles I c ??

  2. Make a loose englisch braid. If you try to pull hair out of the elastic you may break your strands. Thank God my hair is too long for a ponytail. Everything I do with pony is a pony base for a bun. But with all my clumsiness as a panda I still try to make updos that doesn't imply hair ties

  3. Thank you soo much for this useful video

  4. OMG THANK YOU ❤?❤?❤❤?❤? I always wear my hair up

  5. that shit looks stupid who leaves out there hair in the front for a pony tail plain in simple just dont tighten ur pony tails

  6. Make up save world
    Make up destroy world

  7. Yhis video really made me wanna shave my head and buy some wigs. I dont want to worry about my hairline all the time but i hate switching hairstyles either

  8. Great tips as always. I always really enjoy your videos, Kayley!

  9. Nice I have similar paranoia about tension at my hairline if I feel it for even 1 second I take it down. I always loosen the hairline & only tighten in the back over the neck where the hair is strong & grows back.

  10. Can you please do more videos on hair care?

  11. I NEVER knew that pony tails affected my hair line, I've been swimming competitively for years now so ? guess that's probably a major cause for me.

  12. One of the new men here for advice, haha. I'm a UPS driver (they don't like long hair), so I have to pull a pretty tight pony tail and throw it up top under a cap. To anyone with experience, will this thin out my hair, especially in the front where the cap is in contact with my hairline?

  13. I have a question about wearing my hair up, in any form, at ALL!

    Through out my life, I've rarely worn my hair up, but still would occasionally. Years ago, when I used to wear my hair up occasionally, & it would be fine Now-a-days, it REALLY hurts my head (kind of all over, but mostly WHERE I have my hair up. My hair isn't THAT thick or heavy, so it's weird) , to the point where I can maybe wear my hair up for 10-20 minutes & then I'm constantly messing with it to try & make it comfortable. Or I just take it back down.

    What may be the cause of this? I try not to wear my hair up TOO high (too far up past the top of my ears, as I read THAT high isn't good for your hair) and I don't put a bunch of stuff in it. Just a regular bunn or ponytail.

  14. Whoops.? I always where my hair in a tight ponytale. ALWAYS! No wonder my front line is so thin!

  15. It's hard when ur a female in the military and u have to wear ur hair in a bun. I tired changin it up but my hair line has suffered badly from years of puttin it up like that! ?

  16. i started using this technique when wearing headscarf in hijab style. it helps a ton. thank you for sharing!

  17. This is so useful, I had this problem but too bad I realized this too late and my hairline's already recessing.. I just figured it out last year when I looked into my old photos and realizing that my laziness to treat my by always putting it up actually causes it to bald around the hairline area. Now I tried to reduce the damage but still cannot return it to the original state

  18. I think I love you lol my hair is hip length and I noticed thinning around my edges from the sheer weight of my hair. Ty so much for this tip. I have a tip too, for buns the goody spin pins hold the hair sturdy instead of a hundred bobby pins.

  19. What if you only have one hair tie? ?

  20. Thanks for this awesome hair hack!

  21. Love the tips! I always get horrible headaches with a pony tail and I think this can help along with stress on my hairline.

  22. I really noticed that my swimming cap was thinning my hairline ahhh =__= this is hack so useful thank you!

  23. Hi Kayley 😀 What type of hairband would you recommend for ponytails? I mean, one that does not cause a headache after wearing it for long hours and also holds your hair nicely without making it too tight. I have tried invisibobble but they get stretched so quickly 🙁 Any suggestions on this? Thanks for making such amazing tutorials !

  24. Thank you so much, will this stop ponytails from giving me headaches? Woohoo!

  25. omg thank you soooo much you saved me and my hair, love your vids

  26. omg thanks sooooo much I always wear my hair up and do it like a million times because it always gets lose! Thanks for the tip!

  27. I have to wear my hair in a bun every day because of my job, this is a life saving hack! Thank you so so much for sharing it with us!

  28. Thank you so much. My front hair on the sides is getting thinner. I have to wear my hair back for work.

  29. Did you get those nice arm muscles by doing hairstyles? Cause sometimes when I try to braid or make a bun my arms get sooo weak after some time haha ?❤️

  30. what happened to her recession spots from her other video?

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