Hairstyles for Fine Hair (long & short!)

It’s finally here! How to do these 4 hairstyles for fine / thin hair, long or short!

Aside from the first bun, everything can be done on short hair. Even that *could* turn into a half updo. Everything in here is pretty quick and easy and there are a braid or two that you can pull off even if they’re not huge and fluffy! Hope you enjoy it!


  1. You should do more bubble ponytail hairstyles

  2. Best part of this: the doggggggg

  3. honestly i just want to know how to make my braids/buns looks full and not frizzy or crispy on really fine, extremely straight, silky hair.

  4. More videos like this please!!! ?❤️
    I always have trouble creating any sort of bun with fine hair. Any tips? More everyday looks please. Something simple (to too complicated braiding wise although I love them) but pretty – if possible. Lol

  5. More videos like this please!!! ?❤️
    I always have trouble creating any sort of bun with fine hair. Any tips? More everyday looks please. Something simple (to too complicated braiding wise although I love them) but pretty – if possible. Lol

  6. I also have layers (and fine hair) so braids don't work too wel, can I make it work?

  7. Can you do a hair tutorial for thin frizzy hair without straightening it or curling it

  8. I have thick hair, I don't know the struggle ?

  9. You're the best! As suggested below I would love some fancy hairstyles for the holidays (and other celebrations), and also some quick and easy hairstyles for any day. For fine and thin hair of course 😉

  10. Please do a video on Harry Potter hairstyles!! (Probably Hermine) I really love her hair on the night of the ball, if you can find a simple way to do it please make a video out of it. I have really fine, thin hair so please think about that too. Keep up your amazing work you put into these videos! ILYSM<3

  11. As a mum of two tiny children I need hair styles I can do super quick that get my hair out of my face, and not dangling in my newborn's face when I'm feeding her! But also that don't weigh my head down and give me a headache- I'm fed up of ponytails!!

  12. Oh my glob! Thank you soooo much! This video is for me

  13. Can we get some tips too????? Ya girl is in desperate need

  14. These are awesome and I can’t wait to try them! I know the braided buns will be a struggle because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to wrap braids and makes them not have one bulbous strip in the middle of the bun. What tips do you have to prevent that?

  15. I wish I had hair like this. But of course I have to have thick curly hair. ?

  16. Hi, your account is so so cool! I have a question, i have really really REALLY thic hair, and it annoys me so much. I can't do anything with it; everything falls out in like 2 minutes. It's really warm on my neck and back and although i've already thinned it a few times with my barber, it keeps this thic. Could you please do a tutorial with some hairstyles for really thic hair? xx

  17. Hey, I've been on an Indiana Jones kick lately. Could you do some hairstyles based on the ladies from those movies? Marion, Willie, Elsa…I especially think Willie's Shanghai updo could be fun!

  18. Thank you for this! I'll definitely be trying a few of these out! ?I would love to see more "up" styles for fine hair! It's super hot where I live and I have a grabby baby who loves when my hair is down ? (read: ouch!) but I have a hard time getting it to look good when it's up without curling and teasing it first (which I rarely have time to do) and also to stay that way!

  19. Can you do some tutorials on how to make braids more voluminous on fine short hair? I love doing braids but they always end up extremely tiny since my hair is so fine.

  20. Thank you SO MUCH for making this video! I have struggled with finding hairstyles for my fine hair for ages! Love you!

  21. Kayley can you do a video on how to choose the correct hair colour that look best with your skin tone ? Because i want to dye my hair but im not sure what colour look best on me ??

  22. Please help!? These are beautiful, but I have long and thin, but CURLY hair….any advice for day-to-day styles?

  23. Hair charms, where do you purchase those?

  24. The size of one those “fun buns” was like the entire amount of hair on me head ?

  25. What lip color is this?! In looooove

  26. Absolutely loved this video! I have super fine hear, lots of it, but still I find myself not trying most hairstyles out as I just cannot achieve the same effect with my natural hair. I love watching hair tutorials but just get a little discouraged when watching them… I'd love it if you continue this (long) fine hair series and did updos for more casual but also dressier occasions! x

  27. I love your hair inspo ideas – so simple yet effective. I'm not so hung up on all the poses though 🙁 I just want to see your beautiful work in detail.

  28. I can't do sleek anything because my forehead is the size of Africa

  29. Can you please recommend shampoos and conditioners for long, fine hair that are affordable? I'm loving the Living Proof but they're too pricey.

  30. My hair is so wavy and gets tangled so easily

  31. A work/interview/professional style for thin hair would be GREATLY appreciated!

  32. I would love to see a "week in the life" of your hair, like from wash, to next day, to 2 days and however you stretch out your shampoo, what kind of updo you'd use on a day to day and stuff like that. 🙂

  33. Let me start off by saying finally! And also ask if you can do a video for people like me who have fine and very long hair? My hair is 2 ft long approximately and usually what I do is braids because of your braids encyclopedia video from a while back however I have a wedding to go to soon and I need some ideas LOL help Kayley help!

  34. I have side bangs that are cut too short at the moment so I have to pin them back (up and back as they're so short) every day. Do you have any hair styles that can incorporate that?

  35. Love these! I would LOVE to see more up-dos for thin hair. It's still pretty hot where I live and no one wants their hair on their neck in the heat! Thanks!

  36. Hairstyles for thin hair: cut your hair short, clip extensions, fake it'till you make it.

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