Hairstyles For Head Wraps / Beanies to Keep Warm this Winter!!

Hairstyles For Head Wraps / Beanies to Keep Warm this Winter!!

Products I used:

  • NuMe Curling Wand
  • It’s A 10 Finishing Spray
  • Mariana Bobby Pins
  • Mane Message hair elastic from

What I’m wearing:

  • Shirt: Gap
  • Necklace: Urban Outfitters
  • Head Wraps: Forever21
  • Beanie: H&M


  • Eyes: Naked 2 Pallet
  • Cheeks: The Balm Frat Boy Blush, Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter
  • Foundation: Revlon Colorstay and MAC Studio Fix Powder
  • Lips: Lime Crime Glamor


  1. How can you prevent static when you take it off? I'd love to wear one but it messes up my style. =(

  2. Totally love your videos and how informing and knowledgable you are! I love curls but it's a nice twist to put the braids in. I don't know how to do a French or Dutch yet but I've been practicing! 🙂

  3. Where did you get the headband??

  4. What is the point of a head wrap??

  5. She actually has alot of tutorials using a sock bun showing how to do it. some of the videos she has that show how to do it inclued her cute without trying bun, and her kattniss everdeen interveiw up do.

  6. Hey! I'm Daniel.I did -30 lbs last one month.Visit

  7. I love buns, so the bun is my fav, 😉

  8. are your real eyes blue or green?

  9. I loved the last 1 bt they were all amazing as usual! Love u Erika Lynn(using my hubby's account)

  10. There are approximately 7,000 tutorials for a sock bun on youtube. There's a search bar at the top of the page…

  11. Please answer me! what color ae your roots in this video? not the blonde ombre but the rest!

  12. I love these every day friendly practical winter styles. Great for someone always on the go. Thank you


  14. i just subsrcribed because well your so freaking pritty

  15. I love the natural and the curls! Your hair is so pretty like this x

  16. I love your beanies. could you make a DIY plz

  17. I think my favorite was actually the natural! Hahah:)

  18. I love your videos, there are always so helpful! I like the hairstyle with the braids. I'm going to use that one 🙂

  19. your hair is just so perfect 🙁

  20. Your hair is gorgeous! It looks really fresh and pretty. Love it. 😀 Xx

  21. I'm in love with your hair!!..the colour of it is amazing!:)

  22. could you show us in detail how you curled your hair here?

  23. can u do a sock bun tutorial?

  24. I love the girly and glam look

  25. love love love ur new hair. nxt time cn u show whn ur having ur hair done

  26. Seriously love this, I never know what to do with my hair for headwraps.

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