Half & Half Braids With “Atlanta” Actress Zazie Beetz | ELLE

Easy half and half braids


  1. I love this. But why straighten her hair just to braids it?

  2. I'm a guy and I'm just watching this just for Zazie ?

  3. i know for a fact she wants my dick in her mouth

  4. I'm a white guy,but I love braids. All kinds on all types of people. Great job.

  5. the styler's grip game was on point man. esp. with those nails

  6. it wud have looked nice if they like braided half of it and the other half they just left it straight

  7. She's going to make a wonderful lovely DOMINO in Deadpool. Domino was my favorite character in X-Force since a child and just so all you haters and racists of the casting know… DOMINO is a mutant with WHITE SKIN and A BLACK TATTOO over her eye as a result of her mutation. Her real name is Neena Thurman and before that was ever introduced, she was called Beatrice. She's not a white person character and you would all know that if you read the comics and took your heads out of your asses for 2 minutes. She will rock it!

  8. I saw an Elle jacket in a charity shop, never really knew who you guys were, wondering if I should of got it xD

  9. the parts weren't slick enough for me

  10. Is that the chic from Atlanta?

  11. In case you all haven't noticed this isn't a tutorial.

  12. If this high yellow negress is gonna Domino she better not fuck it up

  13. Takes the style out the next day

  14. The real miracle here is how she was able to braid with those long nails.

  15. Could you do a step by step on the braids please?

  16. My friend is helping me try this style tonight! I wonder how many packs of hair were used for this style.

  17. Gostaria do passo a passo desta trança vc poderia me enviar achei linda parabéns!

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