Half Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial

IT’S THAT MONTH OF THE YEAR!!! I am sooo excited to be starting my Halloween Series again, I hope to make a few more videos before Halloween so let me know what makeup tutorials you would like to see! Ps. I was inspired by Chrisspy’s photo which I found on Google, I was not aware she’s a youtuber! Check out her video here  -Roxi

Products used:

  • Snazaroo Face Paint
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallette
  • Bourjois Mascara


  1. You make it seem so easier than Chrisspy. Can't wait to do it this year!! Thanks a lot.

  2. Is this face paint good for oily skin? Do you have to set it?

  3. good, bravo

  4. hey guys! I'm kinda new in the youtube community, if you could check out my makeup tutorials that would mean a lot!

  5. I can where this everyday and freak everyone out xD

  6. do you think this face paint / makeup look would last a night out at a party? 😀

  7. I might do this tonight for Halloween ?

  8. I did this for Halloween and it came out soo well I got so many compliments I used my infallible eyeliner for all the black and just Halloween white creme from halloween store super cool love it

  9. What if you need to lick your lips?

  10. when te gusta pero no hablss ingles ??

  11. This was originally a look created by CHRISSPY. Shes pretty bad ass. Her channel is on here and her Halloween looks are on point!

  12. How long did it take you to do this????

  13. what kind of brush are you using

  14. thanks so much this is perfect

  15. I love this so much!??? ur so awesome!

  16. what can I use if I don't have white face paint?

  17. My moms doing this on me on monday so excited for halloween

  18. I'm doing this for Halloween this year 🙂 Looks great

  19. I was wondering how you were able to smooth the white so perfectly? I tried last night and the white was patchy and had lines. Any tips? Thanks(:

  20. how do you set the face paint or does it stay all day

  21. does this look work for guys as well?

  22. I have brown eyes.. With what color lenses would it look good?I'm thinking red but I don't know yet

  23. This is so well done- i love it! You're so beautiful. I did a half skull look as well xoxo

  24. What do I do because I don't have good face paints or makeup!! The only ones are crap face paints from sainsburys, wilkos, Tesco etc. Also I only have really old and hard bristled brushes.. I won't be allowed to buy any either

  25. Did she make the white part with ink ?

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