Half Up half down Pin Curled Hair Tutorial

This pin curled holiday half up half down hair tutorial will be perfect for your parties this season! I always love a good classic hair style, and this one is no exception!

Half up half down hair styles are always a great pick for formal occasions or parties, because it gives you a chance to have a pretty hairstyle that looks great from all angles! This hairstyle particularly reminded me of the 1940s and 1950s hair mixed with a little bit of today’s style. It’s pretty easy, but it’s sure to wow!

★What I’m Using:★

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Dress: H&M
  • Lips: Nars Audacious Lipstick – Anna
  • Nails: Vana by Julep


  1. I just found you on YouTube and 1. You are so beautiful 2. The hairstyles are very cool and 3. You help me to improve my english (I am from Germany?)

  2. I was watching aphmau and this was a ad and I LOVED IT and then I said subscribe I love you now and you're so beautiful

  3. You look soon much like Bridget Menler but that's a. Good thing. Because she's beautiful and so are you

  4. I'm always looking for ways to change up the half-up hairdo. This is simple yet beautiful. Thanks Kayley!

  5. I definitely want to try this hairstyle! It's so darling!

  6. So pretty! Love it! Thank you, Kayley for these amazing ideas and tips! You're awesome!

  7. I love all of your videos and I also appreciate that you disclose that you're working with a company from the start.

  8. Can you make a video on how to do a Cara Delevingne braid? I'm not really sure what the proper name is for it but it's like where one side of the part is down and the other side is braided to make that faux side shave look

  9. Could you please make a tutorial on Blake Lively's hair style that she wore on her Instagram photos on November 18 ( nature inspired hair as she called it )

    ???? from Ukraine ?

  10. so elegant and effortless, and so beautiful! This will definetly be my go to holiday hairstyle!

  11. Where did you got that teasing brush?

  12. was this filmed before you dyed your hair or have you dyed it back??

  13. loved it! how do you recover your hair from bleaching it? it looks so soft and not damaged =)

  14. Hello
    I know it's odd to come here and to you for something like this but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway.
    I am shaving my head for cancer awareness and will be donating over 17inches of hair! I am doing this to try and raise money for my mom who is battling cancer and unable to work. A portion of the money will also be donated to charity. If you could help it would mean sooo much!! Thanks for reading this!

  15. your hair color is AMAZING ?

  16. Amazing! ?? when do you do another video about these 7 days hairstyles? ??

  17. Kayley! So happy for you that you're getting to do these videos. This hairstyle is beautiful! Especially on your long hair!!.. Could you do a makeup look of what you had on for the video? You looked gorgeous, as always! Thanks ?

  18. are you using remington to curl your hair so beautyfull?

  19. Hi, Kayley 🙂 you are so pretty and talented. I really like your all videos. Keep doing good work. xoxo take care of yourself!

  20. Hello! Kayley me gustan tus videos
    tus peinados estan hermosos saludos!
    de ★Cristy★.bye

  21. is it just me who thinks that it is therapeutic and satisfying to see how curls come out of the wand?

  22. Such a beautiful updo! Thanks for the tutorial xx

  23. she looks like Bridgit Mendler

  24. I really like your tutorials but my hair is only shoulder length… Could you recommend any fellow youtubers who make awesome tutorials like yours but with short hair?

  25. I loved how easy this is.
    And the decor is so on point too

  26. yayyy, a gorgeous style and its so simple!! I think i might actually be able to achieve this on my fine mid length hair woop! xxx

  27. oh,i loved it❤?

  28. really cool! it looks quite hard though

  29. Can you please do a 1980 hair style

  30. love the background.. so pretty..

  31. it's so pretty! can't wait to try it out!

  32. I have collarbone length hair with long layers and I can't get my hair to hold a curl more then 1-2 hours even with hairspray

  33. Do a hair care video! My hair is so dry and won't grow 🙁

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