Halloween Nail Art: Candy Corn Nails

Halloween Nails: Candy Corn Nail Art

OPI Nail Envy
OPI Alpine Snow
LA Colors Art Deco – Yellow
Milani Nail Art Lacquer (with precision brush) – Orange Graph
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat


  1. currently watching this while eating candy corn ❤

  2. what has this got to do with Halloween?

  3. How do you DO this on your non-dominant hand. It always comes out so wrong.

  4. Who's watching this in 2014 October

  5. I tried it and I love it. I have pictures just no videos.


  7. Why does her voice always sound seductive?

  8. I wish I could see what nail polish was like say 21 years ago. I think drugstore polishes were practically the only way to go, as there was no Sally Beauty Supply, or hair Salons that sold OPI (as far as I know) What do you think is the best drugstore polish? CVS doesn't carry OPI, how is Sally Hansen? Spoiled doesn't look good.

  9. what kind of topcoat do you use?

  10. is it me or did she sound kinda depressed?

  11. That music sounds like the music in Red Remover! :O

  12. Should I let the nail polish dry all the way before I peel off the tape?

  13. You have no idea what you are missing

  14. She already has a video on how to make your own striper. 🙂

  15. she has a video of it, check it out

  16. Omg I have that same exact yellow polish

  17. No cause the base coat is under the white

  18. doesn't using the nail polish remover also remove the protectant?

  19. i wonder ehy she talks like that

  20. Im british and when i first tried candy corn i was like.. MOAAAAAR. Then i had too much and i was sick every where, ive never touched it since… ;_;

  21. Could you do phineas and ferb ? i know a lot of other people do it but your style of making nail art is easier and better in total

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