Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial | Night Out Glam (with bloopers)

hey guyssss, this is something that i haven’t yet done on my channel and I’m always up for trying new things so i hope you all enjoy!

Thank you!! x


  1. How is your makeup so flawless ❤️ I've watched all of your videos over 50 times and my makeup still doesn't look as flawless as you my favourite youtuber ?? my role model right here x

  2. I LOVE this video girl! I love your usual bronzy looks but this one is on point!!! Beautiful! ?

  3. What colour do u have in your hair in this video?

  4. I love this!! gunna try it thank you 🙂

  5. Hey, what lighting are you using x

  6. Bonjour ma belle peux-tu me dire la couleur de ton rouge à lèvres de chez Mac .merci Joy

  7. hey lovely loved this vid, thanks for the ideas:)

  8. i love you! you make me Happy When i See you!!!

  9. I love her but as soon as she said 100% mink my heart broke?

  10. You remind me of Mila Kunis and Phoebe Tonkin?

  11. whats the shade of your foundation

  12. What kind of number has your lipencel

  13. What the name of your lipstif and the name of your lipliner??

  14. I have never seen a more gorgeous human being

  15. your soooo pretty and soooo good makeup omg

  16. hey Jordan i would like to know where you got your top from?

  17. Super cute look! Check out my halo version as well :o)

  18. Perfecto, me encanta tus vídeos, ¡eres la mejor ???!
    Mhm, aunque es difícil entenderte :c


  20. you dont need any foundation or concealer ?

  21. you are such a goddess please stop omg

  22. Try using cruelty and vegan makeup

  23. If I looked like her without makeup I wouldn't wear any haha, but it looks very beautiful!

  24. Is she a model? Bc if she isn't I'm surprised she's frkn beautiful!

  25. I love love love this look ?????

  26. Mink eyelashes?! seriously???? That's ANIMAL CRUELTY.. And so Vain!

  27. Omg what lipstick is that ?

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