Halo Smokey Eye | Jaclyn Hill

Here is how to do a halo smokey eye, this is one of my favorites smokey eye and eye makeup tutorials!

Smashbox Primer Water
Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation
Makeup Forever HD Concealer
Emphasize Powder (for Under Eye)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
Anastasia Self Made Palette
MAC Nylon Eyeshadow (inner corner of the eye)
Vegas Nay Grand Glamour Lashes
Anastasia Brow Wiz
MAC Shadestar
MAC Warm Soul
Anastasia Glow Kit
Anastasia Sepia
Makeup Forever Mist & Fix


  1. U remind me of Celine dion in this look super beautiful

  2. you are already beautiful without make up..beautiful skin ♥♥ i have different color at different part of my face T_T and if i do this i would look as usual massy :/

  3. just bought your palette finally ! so excited to try out looks

  4. Watching this in 2018 and your lips look so different! I almost forgot what you looked like before your lip injections lol still gorgeous though! ?

  5. Omg just looking back at this she looks sooo different…

  6. I just posted my first youtube video today! Anyone want to subscribe and show some love please do so! ❤️

  7. I'm here rewatching all your vides cuz I love you so much

  8. So I tried that whole stepping out of my comfort zone thing today & turned into a raccoon. Grabbed the makeup wipe & dived face first back into my comfort zone ?

    Halo eyeshadow is waaay harder than I had anticipated lol. Cheers to another try tomorrow!

  9. I just have to say being a subscriber and loving all of Jaclyn’s videos I absolutely 100 percent love her lips in this video, I think she is such a beautiful person inside and out but I really wish she didn’t blow her lips out to be as big as they are now. ☹️?

  10. Hi, I just watched this video❤ it drew my attention 'cause of your hair colour(mine is the same!) and beautiful make up colours (mauve & chocolate, my go to every day) I loved it, you are so funny and 'chatty' which reminds me of my daughter and me when we do our make up together hahaha. I love to see more videos so you got 2 more subscribers from today! We both adore your pallete and making great looks for both younger (19yrs) and…..a bit older(38yrs)!?
    Thanks again for the fab tutorial and hope to see much more! Lovely greetings all the way from the Netherlands, Tamara & Mariska??❤

  11. Love this look and the lashes are so pretty. The lipstick is to die for!!!!

  12. Wooooww you look so nice for my is this a no.1

  13. What makes you decide to do your face vs. your eyes first? Xoxo

  14. I cant even apply foundation right lolTEACH ME YOUR WAYS!!! 🙂

  15. You look like Celine Dion with this look. ?

  16. She reminds me of Celine dion .. they could be sisters

  17. Yr beauty has me just shook to the core!! Tysm for all yr time Jaclyn!! Lysm

  18. I like halo( rounded) eye make up, ver Well done? And the lip color is very chique!

  19. A Jaclyn video without morphe taking over

  20. Wow a jaclyn vid without morphe codes!

  21. You are so so so pretty ??❤

  22. This look reminds me of Celine Dion ?

  23. What color is in your hair?

  24. Omg, I LOVE this look! So beautiful! Now, Normally I don't get that blown away or excited by brown eyeshadow because I mean c'mon, it's just fuckin brown, but dude that hot chocolate color is fuckin amaze balls! I just wanna stick my whole hand into that pallet and then smear it all over my face! Ahhh, it's so pretty! ?

  25. habla demaciado en sus videos que cansa ya no le dan ganas a uno de verlos

  26. What color is the lip stick you used? Their are a lot of shades, but I really like that one. Thank you your so beautiful!!

  27. You look so beautiful even without the makeup

  28. Love it I'm obsessed with look u simply look gorgeous ?❣

  29. If you watch ThuyLe’s halo eye vid she is waaaaaaay more precise

  30. I’ve lost so much respect for her since the Kim K vid

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