HAPPY GEL – Acrylic and Gel Hybrid

Suzie gets her hands on Happy Gel – an Acrylic/Gel Hybrid – and builds three beautiful nails using the three different Happy Gel Colors created by Exclusive Nail Couture.

Products used in this video:


  1. Suzie ♥ what is that color on your other hand!? It's gorgeous! I'm so happy there's an alternative to the gelish polygel.

  2. It’s just like the Gelish Polygel. I did think using the acrylic brush looked easier to get a good shape. The gel burst almost looks too small. Did you prefer one more than the other? Thanks for all your videos, I’ve learned so much xxx

  3. Hi, which did you find better, polygel or happy gel?

  4. Very interesting as always 🙂
    But these pink nails are so distracting me, they look gorgeous <3 just can't stop looking at them 🙂
    It is a chrome pigment, isn't it?!?! But which one and over which base colour? I am addicted to chrome pigments but I think I never came across this kind of colour yet… could you please share which product you used there?? I'd really appreciate it!

  5. Keep up the good work Suzie! Your channel is keeping me sane right now since I have so much schoolwork and I'm going absolutely crazy over it! I love your videos so so much and I hope to see more amazing content in the future!

  6. Who else think that was so unsatisfy when she scoop that gel-acrilic from the tube with the spatula and didn't came all at once and left a little bit. I was?

  7. Is this any different than polygel?

  8. When I come to Canada I need an appointment. You are just awesome. Wanna get myself a nice coffin like Grant's.
    But here in Germany to find a nail technician who does guys is quite a hard task.

  9. "bloop as jenna calls it" hehe!! love it! that princess pink is always so gorgeous! wonderful informative and fun video, as always!

  10. When will your nail kit be available to buy? I hope before Christmas

  11. How is this not just Polygel?

  12. Ooh I absolutely loved this video, it's so interesting. And the pink packaging is quite cute!

  13. I don't even paint my nails that often. I just watch these because they are relaxing.

  14. I need nail advice and I'm not really sure where else to ask. Every time I go to a salon, I get "shellac" because it is cheaper, and it's not as permanent, for me [uni student here, I don't have a job], but every time I do it, maybe 2 times later my nails feel completely ruined, like so thin and destroyed.

    I am interested in buying a nail kit and doing things at home, as I'm really good with nail stuff and pretty educated, on how to do things correctly, but I just don't know if that's for me? I mean is that going to leave my nails still feeling destroyed? Is there some option that would work better for me over others?

    Any opinions would be appreciated. I also do feel like every single time I get them removed they end up scraping off some of my nail. Not sure tho.

  15. Is there any difference between Happy Gel and Polygel (other than the liquit you use)? I want to try one of these hybrid gels, but I'm not sure which one to pick 🙂

  16. Thats how u know u finna work her magic on them nails, ?? on and let's get busy

  17. I'm SO glad you did this! I currently use polygel but I saw this on Max's website and have been waiting to see what you think before ordering.

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