Healthy Pinterest Tested Recipes | Hit or Miss?

I have been loving looking up healthy recipes on Pinterest now that the year is almost coming to an end. It’s time for us to start eating healthy and we need to try out some new healthy recipes for the new year. I am testing out five recipes that I found to see if they taste as good as they look and to see I can make them! As a bonus these are all vegetarian! Hope you guys like this!

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  1. Ann le has a really bad accent. No offense ann.

  2. I'm so late! But I love your braces! Is there a video where you talk about your experience?? I really want to get mine soon!

  3. I love the way she says Pinterest

  4. what's that cream she uses?

  5. great video!!!!! Loved the content! Tried it out so I didn't have too! Thanks Ann!

  6. I'm in love with your wig 😀 It looks great on you

  7. Learn how to talk you disgusting chink

  8. DIY Calendar Please ! Really enjoy wayching your DIY videos ^^

  9. You buy those wraps at Costco (those are the ones from the picture)

  10. I know I mentioned this before ( and if I didn't) I love your hair! <3 lol! What an awesome idea Ann! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a Merry day! xx

  11. Love the zucchini bread! I will have to try it. My two year old is needed to go gluten free and it's so hard for her

  12. I highly recommend eggplants, rather than zucchinis for the "pizza". I personally think they have a better taste and texture for this dish. 🙂

  13. Love these testing videos~ more tested recipes please

  14. Love it!!! Merry Xmas Ann <3

  15. loved it !
    awesome vdo
    i really enjoyed it 🙂

  16. Ann!!! Can you please make some more painting videos please!!!

  17. all way from Saudi Arabia i'm big fan of you & i love all vids & soon i'll try it all keep it up ..Ilove you Ann lee

  18. I think you had to melt the chocolate
    For the colour to look good!

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