Healthy VEGAN Snack Watermelon Fruit Pizza

I have been on a healthy food diet since I got back from vacation. This DIY raw vegan pizza treat is a great snack for a hot day. This raw pizza is so easy to DIY and looks great on the picnic table. In addition, it’s so tasty and yummy! I mean, come on, who doesn’t love watermelon? Don’t think that raw vegan food is gross, this one is delicious! These raw vegan fruit pizzas are easy to make with a selection of fruits. In addition, I show you how I make some vegan condensed milk for you foodies as well! I saw something like this online and wanted to add my own spin on them and share them with you guys!

Ann Le / Anneorshine


  1. This is so creative. I love it!!

  2. You should eat watermelon as a monomeal

  3. aren't hemp seeds from cannabis plants???

  4. Hi Ann, I love this pizza. I invite you to have a look to my youtube channel where you will find funny food receipts also you could suscribe it if you like. Have a very nice day ::)

  5. Love the recipe for the condensed milk and it seems super easy to make: )

  6. Oh my God! This is such an amazing idea!! Will seriously give it a try! 
    I'd like to see more of those healthy recipes! It's very nice & this one is so refreshing for summer. Thank you!

  7. Soooooo good. I made it for dinner.

  8. Yum as always. Just wish I could get my hands on Acai for some of your other recipes

  9. …are you kidding me?how can you call this "pizza"? Just because something has a round shape,it doesn't mean it's pizza!!!!

  10. How do you use condensed cashew milk other than on these awesome pizzas?

  11. I clicked on the video without reading the title thinking they're pizza and now im like ???

  12. It's delicious!!! many nice thank you, a kiss from Spain with love

  13. ITS CALLED KIWI FRUIT!!!!! Not kiwi! Kiwi is a bird !!!!

  14. I only started watching your videos yesterday and I love your videos

  15. Is there a video for that painting? It's gorgeous! I love your painting videos

  16. I've seen dessert pizzas but never fruit pizzas. ??Neat!???

  17. This is so creative! Definitely going to try this for my Summer Pool Party!

  18. Great idea. No fat. I think it's really yummy

  19. The pizza gave me the idea to grill the water melon. I can't wait to try both out. Thanks for this recipe!

  20. i really like this cool idea

  21. The watermelon fruit pizza could also be a cool Instagram picture ?

  22. Yes more healthy recipes, can you do some low carb ones

  23. i love your style you look very elegant and beautiful look forward to more videos 🙂

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