Hello Kitty by OPI Swatches (& nail art!)


  1. my favorite is Pink Super Glitter.

  2. HannahRoxNails I love ur video
    I hope I can meet you

  3. I love the Baby Pink , Sweet Girl Pink , and Coral Pink

  4. I couldnt choose… cuz all the colors are so pretty?

  5. ur nail swatches are so satisfying ?

  6. My fave is the black
    It's my fave shade.

  7. Hannah, this video is amazing! I love it

  8. *in love of "let's be friends" & pink orchyd

  9. How do you get sent PR samples ??

  10. where did you get this nail polish?

  11. I like kitty white I love it so so much

  12. Ugh I NEED this collection but it's hella expensive in my country and I'm broke af

  13. You doo an awesome job with your nails!

  14. My favorite color from the Hello Kitty colection is Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel!

  15. I love the swatches!! So beautiful and cute! Btw: do these nailpolishes have full coverage in 1 layer or two layers?

  16. Love all of these……I love hello kitty, I have to get this collection, tfs xx

  17. How is ur mani SO perfect?!! You're so talented! I'm obsessed with ur nails! ♥

  18. Follow me on Instagram it is glittergirl0904

  19. Is anyone else wondering where she got her cube to place finger on?

  20. Love the shades and love you! Thanks for sharing! xx

  21. Omg! I So want this collection!
    I'm in love with these colors!!!??

  22. They should do a Tokidoki line next ❤️

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