Here’s What The Shape Of Your Fingernails Can Reveal About Your Personality

Phrenology, the idea of determining someone’s personality by their physical features have been around for a long time. People are curious creatures by nature and would love to find out more about their characteristics and type of personality. There are a lot of tests where you can do this but did you know that your fingernail shape can reveal a lot about your personality? It’s actually quite common in Japan.

Here is what the shape of your fingernails can say about you. 

1. The vertically-long nail


If you have this type of nail you are probably a creative person who has a lot of attention to details. You might have a temper but also a wonderful imagination and a romantic soul.

2. The broad-sided nail


People with this type of nail are emotional individuals who are honest, which makes them earn their respect from others. You also very rarely lose your temper.

3. The round nail


These people are the happy ones, the laid-back ones, those who enjoy living life and have out of the box ideas. And when life gets them down they just keep on smiling, which requires a lot of courage.

4. The round-egg nail


These people are in touch with their feelings, they are romantics who are a pleasure to be around. When someone doesn’t appreciate them, they will simply walk away.

5. The square nail


If you have this type of fingernail you are brave, courageous and a born leader. However, even though you appear serious on the surface you are a gentle soul who is very humble and down to earth.

6. The triangular nail


These people are the smart ones of the bunch who are often innovative and brilliant. You always seek for a hard proof to believe something is true and you rarely get upset.

7. The inverted-triangular nail


These people are a mixture of personality traits. Cold when needed but also warm and supportive at other times. They aim to live a life that is original, unique and full of adventures.

8. The almond nail


The most loyal people who would not stand betrayal and expect other people to be loyal to them too. They are kind and polite and can handle even the worse situations in life.

9. The sword nail


If you have this type of fingernail you literally live your life as if on the edge of a sword. Ambitious people who work hard and who always push the boundaries of a comfort zone. They also need a partner who will challenge them and make them grow.