High Protein VEGAN Full Day of Eating | PLANT BASED | 120g of PROTEIN!!

Want to know what I eat in a day as a vegan? When it comes to plant based bodybuilding, many people think it’s not possible to get enough protein. I’m here to tell you that a vegan high protein diet does exist! You can get enough plant based protein sources to build muscle. I’ll show you what I eat in a day plant based, and share with you my vegan high protein meal plan.

Vegan bodybuilding is totally possible by adding in various types of high protein vegan foods into each meal. You’ll see that the protein really adds up when you start to combine its sources between beans, soy, seeds, nuts, and vegetables. Some of the best vegan protein sources are high protein versions of nut milks and veggie burger patties, so these are great things to look for in the store for your plant based muscle building plan.

Check out my 3 meals and a snack to see how a high protein plant based diet for bodybuilding or building muscle mass is possible. Check out my vegan meal prep here. I provide my favorite high protein plant based recipes:

1) Susan’s Morning Oatmeal – 32g of protein
2) Veggie Burger Lunch – 36g of protein
3) Protein Drink Snack – 20g of protein
4) Quinoa & Black Bean Dinner – 32g of protein


  1. yay plant based! can you do more high protein options

  2. Love being whole food vegan, its been two years now and I've never felt this good in my life. Thank you for this video! Its good for people to learn more about how to eat plant-based.

  3. Just wanted to share a really quick, tasty, hearty, mouth-watering home-made 23g protein lentil/oatmeal/mushroom burger. Freakin' delicious over at "Cooking with Plants" channel! https://youtu.be/1fYHzoK6u5U Zero preservatives if you cook the lentils yourself vs canned (which is what I do).

  4. OMG, finally!! An AtheanX person who can actually speak first-hand about building muscle and working out on a plant-based diet. Yes!!!! I would LOVE more of these "what I ate in a day" videos. Now, if AthleanX programs could actually add a plant-based menu to their programs like they do for a meat-based menu, that'll be awesome! Nonetheless, I am REALLY appreciating this video!

  5. OMG thank you! I love plant based eating !

  6. How do you get 32g in the oatmeal??????? That simply doesn't add up
    Chia -2
    Hemp -3
    Berries -2
    Milk -5

  7. I can’t watch more than one minute, the background music is very annoying

  8. There's more to food than just protein, there is hardly anyone alive who is not getting enough protein? Fiber is overlooked because of protein but is just as important.

  9. More like this please. Thanks for content for us WFPB eaters!! And yes, music is too loud and distracting.

  10. Thank you, love the videos you do

  11. what was the brand of veggie burger did you have there?

  12. This is awesome thank You! More plant based meal plans please!

  13. Informative videos with music is not a good idea

  14. Some of the foods in this diet are good to eat. However, many have nut allergies. Plant based protein diets are not easy and YES you are hungry most of the time. You also have to be very creative with your foods. I use egg whites in my diet as well and plant based protein powder.

  15. The music is disturbing and disgusting ? can’t hear your story because of that irritating music ?

  16. I've been plant based for 10 years and in the beginning I struggled with what to eat. BUT I found Nutritionfacts.org which is a not-for-profit plant based/vegan, science and evidence based website run by a medical doctor, Dr Greger. There is no advertising or paid affiliates on the website, it's all run by donations. I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in how to eat a balanced vegan diet. (He also has a book and a cookbook called, 'How Not To Die' which someone else mentioned below, his books were NY best sellers, and he also has a free app of his 'Daily Dozen' foods which helps you keep track of what to eat each day). There are lots of other plant-based/vegan MD's and registered dieticians who have excellent websites with free nutritional info (and books too…not free). Just google vegan or plant-based md or rd, some have been on tv like Dr Greger has, so it's not hard to find them. My tip is to make sure you read websites and books from medical doctors and registered dieticians to cut through the misinformation out there. Just wanting to pass on my journey to save you all some time and effort, because at first it is a bit challenging to know what to eat 🙂

  17. Yay for vegan food! I’ve been vegan over three years and love it 🙂

  18. thank you for spreading the message! how did you health change after transition?

  19. Yes plants are the best! A tofu scramble can be a great way to get a lot protein too!

  20. This showcases the ease and simplicity with which one can eat vegan. Well done. But please, have different background music next time.

  21. Check out "How not to die" by Dr. Greger. Lots of really useful information regarding a plantbased diet.

  22. Great that you have gone plant based – shame I couldn't hear what you were saying because of that terrible music.

  23. It would be helpful to get more close ups of the meals and ingredients here

  24. Please stop the awful distracting music!! I can’t hear what you have to say 🙁

  25. Can you tell me how you do it. You count macros. Calories or portions?

  26. Spinach 10 grams???? You would have to eat 10 cups of fresh spinach to equal 10 grams of protein. One cup cooked in water is only 5. Protein added up in meals she described, more like 77 grams, not 120. Which may be fine for your needs.

  27. Love it! Except for the music ?

  28. I like it ?? hope you add more videos about healthy diets for loosing weight ??

  29. About how many calories is this?

  30. Eat more on the raw vegan side. Will clear up your allergies and any issue very quickly. ?. No need to count calories/protein on this lifestyle.

  31. This is similar to how I eat ?

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