Hit or Miss: Kardashian Beauty Hair!!

I put it to the test and here’s what I think!

★What I’m Using:★

  • Kardashian Beauty K Body Volume Foam
  • Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Shampoo
  • Kardashian Beauty Smooth Styler Blow Dry Cream
  • Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Conditioner
  • Extra negative on this one: it looks JUST LIKE THE DRY SHAMPOO! I had a really unfortunate incident in which I used the conditioner instead of the shampoo and it was quite a mess!
  • Kardashian Beauty Black Seed oil
  • Kardashian Beauty Pure Glitz Hairspray

I didn’t try the hot tools because when I ordered the products all the reviews were quite negative. I couldn’t justify spending the money just to see if they were right.

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Shirt: TJ Maxx
  • Lips: Colourpop Lippie Stick in Bossy
  • Bracelet: JewelMint


  1. My Asian hair looks fabulous after I using the black seed oil!! My hair is sandy and giant after curling or styling! If you are huge hair and tried million ways to flat that bad boy you will enjoy black seed oil! I can see why it's not a shoutout for ppl with softer hair!

  2. Freeze it ? the bad memories lol I remember putting it on my spandex so I didn't get a wedge while flipping

  3. you should try the flat iron,its really good

  4. thank u for this review know I know what to buy only the oil

  5. Lol @ Texas volume… Someone needs to send this term to Urban Dictionary!

  6. The black seed oil can be used on fine hair if you use a dime size amount and rather than tubing it in just press it on the root and mid end hair shaft is my recommendation I have fine hair and I love it

  7. what is this nail color? it's perfect! ?

  8. what is this nail color? it's perfect! ?

  9. so let's just say…i does not found the best kardashian 4me 🙂

  10. the description of the hair spray perfect true…even my hair feel the bleah part :))))) but, but, my boyfriend use the curl-defining cream gel and for him works!!!!

  11. your roots don't look volumized at all

  12. Love this review! Thank you so much.

  13. i got the dry shampoo and the blow dry cream today..so do you use the blow dry cream when your hair is wet or dry?

  14. I have very very fine hair and the hairdresser used the seed oil on my hair today and it really really helped out. Didn't make my hair heavy and she gave me curls after that which lasted over two days. 🙂

  15. The black seed oil is awesome in my hair. I did learn that I do not use it up near the roots, and to use a very small amount on damp hair. and it does work awesomely and makes my hair very soft shiny and smooth.

  16. Actually its 30% of select K Beauty beginning at 11 PM CST for Ulta Cyber Monday 🙂

  17. Thanks so much for the review! It helped me figure out what items to try.. was leaning towards that dry conditioner lol glad you explained why it didn't work for you, my hair type is similar. Ulta has buy 1 get 1 50% off right now plus cyber deals $10 off $50 online purchase 🙂

  18. How would you compare the dry shampoo in this video to the Batiste? That's my favorite, but it sorta stopped working since I've been using is so long, but it is my favorite dry shampoo! Thanks lots ?

  19. I have the dry shampoo and I love it. I don't really need any of the other products but i love this one

  20. Hi! I never knew there even was a such thing as a "dry hair spray" I figured they all felt wer. what hairspray do you recommend that is dry & that I could maybe get at a local walmart? I live in a small town in NC, so we don't have a Sally's

  21. I honestly really hope you make your own hair products line. I would totally buy things from it!

  22. Does this product is in Iraq

  23. freeze it for the win lol… marching band high ponies lol

  24. Could you try the suave brand and tell a review?

  25. I've tried the dry shampoo and I'm not a huge fan. I wouldn't recommend it for someone with a natural oily scalp. It will only make it look greasy. It will probably work for someone that doesn't produce a lot of natural oil at the scalp. I love your hairstyle videos keep them coming!!!!!

  26. Instead of freeze it I had to use Aqua net for competition dance lol

  27. I've used the hairspray as a "working hairspray" on clients when I'm needing a curl. I'll spray the section first, then curl it. And when I'm done I'll separate the curls with the oil. Ive found that 1 pump (dime size) works on any hair type, you just have to rub it in your hands a bit to "warm it up" first, just like the CHI SILK INFUSION.

  28. Have you tried the Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner? I absolutely love it!

  29. Could you please do a video for your favourite fine hair hairsprays?

  30. Can you do a video on your favorite hairsprays? I have really fine hair, too. I always have issues with clumping and it being weighed down.

  31. I prefer fresh scents rather than floral haha

  32. Love your hair like this !! How did you do it ? Curling Wand ? ?

  33. Where are you kayley? Is everything okay? I miss your videos!

  34. Did kaley just die or fall off the planet ? Or…what happened to her?

  35. Where are you Kayley?? I missed you :'(

  36. I love how honest you are with this, it's really wonderful 🙂

  37. pls do one of siennas miller hair as they were in golden globe!!!

  38. I used freeze it but not for cheer or anything because I don't do cheer. But I had no hairspray and I just grabbed something and that's what it was

  39. Kayley you remind me of Britt Robertson!!!

  40. she looks like Britt Robertson

  41. your personality is great love your review !

  42. OMGOODNESS…. LMBUBBLEBO!!!! HAVEN'T heard "FREEZE IT" since good ole dance or gymnastics junior Nationals!!!! My best friends and I went through so many bottles of that good ole stuff to the point where our hair had better look absolutely spectacular or too bad for you because once it was sprayed into place nothing was moving with that hair spray applied!!!! Literally a dancer, gymnasts, and/or athlete in general because once using this nobody had to worry about a thing!!!!

  43. I've used freeze it for 4years strait and I HATE IT!!! I do competition cheerleading and we have to use it.

  44. I am interested in trying the dry shampoo after this video. I have very similar hair texture as you and so if it works in yours, it typically will work on mine. However, now that your hair is processed, I have to be a little more careful in completely copying you as my hair is still natural which means light products which works on you can be a little more heavy on mine. Thank you for reviewing. Much appreciated.

  45. I need that volumizing mousse! I have the same hair but I'm 12 and my mom says my hair's fine lol…

  46. Garner fructis soft and plush

  47. I am really distracted by your lip color!!! Oh my god I love it!! I wish I could wear that color 🙁

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