Holiday Festive Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

I know this eye look is very similar to things i’ve done in the past! But it has been highly requested for me to do a wearable Holiday look with red lips.

Honestly, this eye look is sooo complimentary & looks good on pretty much everyone! So I wanted to do something that you guys would truly get use out of! xoxo


  1. Omg loooove ur hair color!!! What color is that!?

  2. I love the look with the red lipstick…btw, your lips are beautiful!

  3. I'm.going to wear this look for my birthday this weekend! It might be April but this look so fresh an glam an perfect for an evening out with my friends! Red lips and a navy dress

  4. Hi Jaclyn!
    I'm from Belgium en just "discovered" you like 2 weeks ago.. So all my free time is basically filled with watching your video's..Not to mention de money I spend on make up =D!
    I started from the 1 video and now I'm here! 😉
    Congrats for your evolution.. It's amazing how you evolved throughout the video's..
    Keep up the good work! Oh and my husband thinks I'm crazy because I laugh out loud with your hilarious ways ;)..
    Lots of love!

  5. omg I love your hair color
    what the name of the color?

  6. i am a big fan of you i am a bruge girl 17 jears old and i watch al your videos i love them i want your eyeshadow paletes but i cant find them were can i buy it here in belgium greets lazarinka xxxxx

  7. teeth are too white, yellow them up a bit you dont have to be perfect you know….

  8. This weekend I had a Jaclyn marathon – watched all your videos again! Been following you since the beginning! You are the best!! Xxx

  9. THANK YOU JACKIE!!!!! You made me feel beautiful!!! after not wearing makeup for a long time 😀

  10. I don't have creme brulee what would be another substitute by make up geek?

  11. can I see you use the lemon drop you have in your palette? I want to see a look with the yellow color please!! something cool and out of the ordinary, yet something I would feel comfortable wearing in daylight!

  12. Omgggg ur gorgeous!!!

  13. I think you need the too faced chocolate bar palette in your life!

  14. Again my lip stick will not lay flat like that silky and smooth……how could i fix that because i use A LOT of chap stick…

  15. Jaclyn, you are a wild woman! 🙂 I love your extras.. so funny, and awesome. Stay beautiful, biatch. <3

  16. this look is so so stunning!

  17. GAH! your teeth are so perfect T.T i'm so jealous

  18. Have you tried the Velour lash stick? Duo just won't work for me…lots of glue, a little glue, wait a short time, wait a long time…I tried it all…the lashes just won't stick!

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