Holiday Half UpDo with Tousled Waves!

I thought this was great for all the not-so-formal Holiday occasions this season! Ugly sweater party, meeting the parents, or just fabulous Christmas shopping ;D!

★What I’m Using:★

  • BigSexyHair Big Altitude
  • Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press Heat Protectant
  • EVA-NYC Surf’s Up!
  • Orofluido Shine Spray
  • NuMe Signature Dryer
  • NuMe Titan 3*

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Shirt: H&M
  • Dress: Baukjen
  • Nails: Love Chemistry by Formula X


  1. i like this ??she is beautiful and i love it ?

  2. your hair is so beautiful, definitely goals

  3. I am wearing this hairstyle for my prom

  4. Can you show us how we can do loose curls with a Marcel curling iron??

  5. it looks like Jennifer Lawrence's hair when she went to 2014 comic con for hunger games.

  6. Loved this video, was searching for a simply tutorial on this look and you really achieved that effortless classic look and made it very clear on how to do it! Thank you! Happy holidays!

  7. she's look like serena van der woodsen

  8. I love to see you teesing the hair?

  9. You look kinda like Bridget Mendler

  10. My hair are less thick than your's. I do know if it will be nice on me… :/

  11. what face shape are u? so pretty

  12. hi i love your hair, is it layered in the back? I wany mine just like yours!!

  13. We have found Bridget mendlers twin?????

  14. You kinda look like Bridgette Mendler

  15. cool! i like how u described how u did the bump and the sides.. it was so detailed!

  16. you look like Bridget Mendler! and the look is is awesome!

  17. as colored your hair ?

  18. SO jealous of your hair. It is beautiful, long & healthy!

  19. I can never make a bump. My hair is so fine and you can see all the little part lines. Teasing doesn't help. I really want to do these hairstyles, but I can't get the bump!

  20. You have such gorgeous full thick hair sigh. Mine is so thin :(((

  21. Great hairstyle as usual Kayley. I especially love the arrow line graphics to show the shapes required to recreate this style.

  22. I'd love to see you do a video with Zoella! Are you guys friends?? If not you should be, I have a feeling you'd get along 🙂

  23. You give the best instructions, I think even I can do it! Will try this for xmas for sure. xo

  24. You look gorgeous 🙂 thanks for the tutorial!

  25. I am obsessed with this channel!! I love it so much!! One of my fav hair youtuber I think. I wanted to ask if you wanted to do some hairstyles from the tv show reign. Some of their hair are so beautiful!!

  26. ♥♥♥cute♥♥♥ 🙂

  27. I like how your editing gets better and better. You can really see progress in this video. Love the hairstyle! 🙂

  28. So excited for this! I have been combing through your videos for a half up style to wear to a wedding next week and this is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for reading my mind. 🙂

  29. I think I'll give this a try for my choir concerts this weekend!

  30. Please please I saw you on Tati's video and I need major help with my hair for the wedding. I have curly curly hair… How should I style it, i don't want to straighten it

  31. Quick question- What were you using to pin up the hair doing the bump? It almost look like some sort of snap clip ( but I could be blind). Great video =)

  32. Feel so sad watching this, because I had to cut off all my split ends, so my hair to not really long anymore, I wish I had your length, your so lucky, how do you keep your ends so healthy???

  33. I love the level of detail in this video! Its super informative but beautifully edited so it doesn't get boring. I feel like I could actually do this!

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