Holiday Party Lookbook | 5 Festive Outfit Ideas!


  1. Where is your music from? I love it!

  2. I really love your style ????

  3. I love you Tess! And honestly, idk why, but you look a lot like Serena from gossip girl. I think it's the hair, and some of the outfits really match her style. But anyways awesome video! ?

  4. I definitely love the red dress outfit and the simple girl outfit! Those would be the two that I would definitely wear. Thanks! You're awesome! 🙂 <3

  5. Why you're so sexy??? I love you girl! And I love all your videos and style

  6. Where did you get the sweater you're wearing in the intro?? :)) <3

  7. A bit of the great gatsby's soundtrack at the beginning was great☺️ you're awesome❤️

  8. ❤️❤️❤️❤️love all of the outfits!! the red dress is so cute:))❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. They are AMAZING!!! I Loved them all <3 I will love to wear the fourth one, it is classy and elegant!!! Love them all!!! Thanks Tess 🙂

  10. Tess, your style is everything!

  11. I think you would look gorgeous with blonder hair or even join the dark side. ❣?

  12. The red dress (heart eye emoji here)

  13. would have been nice to see your outfits with something other than those over the knee boots… show us different shoes next time so that we can see what other shoes would look like with the same outfit

  14. okay, the last look scream " serena van der woodsen " … tbh, she would probably wear all of those ! you look stunning !

  15. you are very pretty! nice lookbook, but I prefere those dress for summer 😉

  16. where can I buy this outfits ? they're awesome!

  17. u look like a grey cat btw thats a compliment 😉

  18. Do you wear a bra under your low v-neck dresses ? If so, what kind of bra ?

  19. which lana del rey song is it?

  20. Your style has become so beautiful and sophisticated, just like a reflection of you!

  21. i love how it's music from Great Gatsby:))

  22. where is the leather jacket from ??????

  23. Is there any link to the sweater she was wearing in the intro? btw i love you so much tess!!!! <3

  24. Your lookbooks are always my favorite- they're so classy!(:

  25. my favorites are the third and last ones?

  26. Tess, you are so pretty ❤️. The red dress is absolutely stunning ! I would for sure wear that ! A lot of the outfits are quite different, unique and you pull it off so well ?. Xxxxxx

  27. You are really pretty? btw I am a girl ??

  28. ALL THESE OUTFITS ARE SO ON POINT! Love the one with the leather jacket!

  29. how do you keep your over the knee boots from slipping down your legs while you are walking around????!! Mine slip a lot and it drives me crazy. Is there anyway to prevent/help this

  30. anyone want to support each other's channels?

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