HOLIDAY PARTY OUTFITS | 4 Different Occasions

I hope you loves are having a great holiday season so far! I really hope this helps if you are stuck on what to wear these next few weekends 🙂

Clothing Mentioned:

  • Outfit 1
    Shirt- WindsorStore
    Bodysuit- Revolve
    Shorts- Vintage on Etsy
    Belt- Urban Outfitters
    Shoes- Steve Madden
  • Outfit 2
    Dress- JOA
    Duster- Revolve
    Earrings- BaubleBar
    Shoes- Stuart Weitzman
  • Outfit 3
    Blazer- Zara
    Tank- Revolve
    Skirt- TopShop
    Shoes- Tony Bianco
    Beret- Urban Outfitters
    Belt- Urban Outfitters
  • Outfit 4
    Jumpsuit- Asos
    Jacket- All Saints
    Shoes- Lulus


  1. Im in love with the second outfit

  2. I love the after work outfit ❤?

  3. I got a dress from the the thrift store the other day that looks so similar to your jumpsuit!

  4. The first one reminds me of 2010. But I love the rest.

  5. Upload more videos tess. Love u..

  6. Love all those outfits and your style! I just recently opened my own online boutique I would love for you to check it out! I have always admired your sense of style 🙂

  7. i normally really love your style, but i found the first three outfits to be a little confusing :/

  8. LOVED the second look so much! <3 <3

  9. I just love ur style. And like I always say ur charisma ???love u so much tess

  10. I'm usually a huge fan of your fashion videos but this one didn't really do it for me. Maybe I just wasn't feeling the outfits. You're still amazing though and have such a great vibe to you haha don't get me wrong!! 🙂

  11. I love how genuine and classy you are Tess. Such an amazing role model!!

  12. I miss tess from before she lost weight. I feel like i could relate to her more

  13. LOVE your style, your channel and you ??

  14. The first and second outfit were meehhhh, but the 3rd and 4th were great. ?

  15. NEVER not killing it with the cutest outfits!!

  16. the second outfit sooo beautiful

  17. Oh my god the second outfit is INSANE?

  18. I think I wanna see the first outfit without the belt

  19. New subscriber here! I love your outfits so much! I've just recently discovered your channel through your Vampire Diaries videos (which I loved, by the way, I am such a TVD fanatic) and I am really impressed by your style and the effort you put into these videos. You seem like you have a sweet personality too, so that's another plus 🙂 Just wanted to say hello from Slovenia (southern Central Europe). Happy Holiday season!

  20. Im in love with the second outfit ????

  21. You are QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN for ever and ever

  22. The ear rings from 2nd outfit r goals???

  23. I love the jumpsuit and the makeup u did!

  24. I LOVE your fashion videos!! I actually went to Windsor and got a ton of sweaters bc I was binge-watching your vids and got inspired! Also, im thinking of going to new york after high school and would LOVE some more NY vids too 🙂

  25. I really want an all saints leather jacket but they are so expensive!

  26. I have a question, is it weird to wear open toe heels in the winter? I also live in NY and I feel a little silly wearing my caged heels to a holiday party.

  27. yes love stlye friend idk. MUST GET TRY AND SLAY SELF. LOL!XOXOXOX

  28. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ so cute . and like channel so cool unique like all outfits on. but if had money doo all .sequaine tops and skirts and shiny. PARTY NY . WHEN US DO THINGS. chritmas part pjs and home family there dont family ny sueper cute

  29. I know I'm kinda late but I have just started watching you Tess. Yeah, where was I? No idea. Anyway I love your videos. You're such a positive and inspiring person! ?

  30. They're all great!! Thank you for the inspiration? keep up the good work, love you girl☺?

  31. Been waiting for this, even better than I expected ??

  32. Can you please link the actual pieces were possible rather than just the website? Semi pointless given how large some of these websites are.

  33. I must say i wasnt that excited about the outfits.. especially the first one. normally i love your style but yeah i dunno… Not my thing this time i guess! 🙂 Xxx

  34. LOVE all these looks! Need that jumpsuit! And love the unique twist on the blazer 🙂

  35. omg i loveee the 'glam girl' look ?? you're so beaut!!! x

  36. Oh sweetie, the first one is a hard no 🙁

  37. What music did you use? Absolute;y LOVE the vintage christmasy vibes, AND the clothes too, of course!!! ;D


  38. Won't be going to any holiday parties but I love these outfits!! <3

  39. you should make a hairstyle video of your second outfit!!!!

  40. I am for sure using the dress with coat idea, for my work Christmas party. And the causal ones for family parties. Thank you Tess for the ideas!!! ?

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