Holo Chrome – Unicorn Holographic Pigment

Suzie tries out dazzling Unicorn Chrome – and LOVES it!

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  1. May I know what light pink base your using? looks so nice!

  2. Does the shine stay true or does it begin to dull quickly?

  3. I'm a holosexual and dat is holo!!!!!

  4. I can't use the website links in the description. They keep redirecting me back and forth to two sites.

  5. Thank you so much Suzi for doing a holo nail tutorial!

  6. Suzie's badass swiftly throws package over shoulder i wouldn't b surprised if it landed right in the trash lol <3

  7. I have purchased about six different holo powders and for the life of me no matter what no wipe top coat or technique I use I can not get them to stick to my nails. The only one that I have that works is from What's up nails. But, Its really pricey. I would like to use my others, I will have to try the "under cook" technique showed here. Thank you Suzie!! You are such an amazing nail tech, because of you I have taken nail courses at the Aveda beauty school here in Vermont!!

  8. I went and bought that same little light and i love it!

  9. Your voice is so soft and nice to listen to! Thanks for the great tutorial 🙂

  10. What a pretty Holo, I love your video's??. Your channel is my go to when I don't know how to do something or just for insparation!

  11. H?L?SEXUALS ASSEMBLE ???????????????

  12. what is the name to your no wipe top coat??? what bramd where can i purchase?

  13. Cristine from Simplynailogical would be proud! Haha

  14. you can buy the holo nail polish that is already holo instead of the powder and its very beautiful. Opi had a holo 14 years ago but discontinued it. It was by far the best holo nail polish I've ever seen, too bad that happened. It was called " Life's A Peach".

  15. what shape are your nails here? they look amazing

  16. ultimate canadian nail colab : suzie and cristine

  17. Those powders look exactly like the ones from Bornprettystore

  18. I forgot about this video. I finally got my unicorn chrome and couldn't get the results I wanted. Now I know 10-15 secs and apply the holo I'll try it again the next day. I messed up my sponge applicator too.? I got to replace it or get the silicone brush.

  19. This is my new favorite channel I'm. It learning anything I'm just hooked on SUZIE!!!

  20. I love your nails they're beautiful. Do you sale nail polish as well? Nice good job

  21. @simplynailogical fans


    This is isn't about you or Cristine. Learn a thing or two about having manners, and quit spamming the comment sections of videos involving holo. I don't care if you like it, it's annoying as hell (and didn't Cristine tell you all NOT to do this? Right.). Thank you.

  22. Donde lo puedo comprar
    Esta bello

  23. I think it's adorable how in all your videos which I have watched a million times how you just casually through the trash to the back of you soooo funny

  24. mirror I an adjective now apparently

  25. how many watt of the LED light you using?

  26. love your channel..so creative…please visit my channel

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