Holo Glitter Spray

Suzie has fun with an amazingly simple way to apply Holo Glitter – Spray On!

Products Featured in this Video:

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Have Fun!


  1. anyone else want to know what camera man looks like?!

    are they together?

    what if he secretly loves her?!?;


  2. um… hun…. that's not…. that's…. not a peace sign…..


  4. So this glitter only works if you have a light to cure it with? I have natural nails but I'd love to have something like that lol

  5. FYI: *Cristine

    Also, it was holo glitter, its just hard to see in some lighting.

  6. ATTENTION SUZIE can you do the glam and glits color changing acrylic bc I have wanted to demo it but I don't know how it is

  7. Okay, but am i the only one who thinks that's…. really wasteful?

  8. I don't know how she does it but her voice is the most relaxing, mesmerising voice ever!! I actually loved the thumb nail design ? She does it again, art!!! ❤ you Suzie!xx

  9. I want to say this in the best way possible… but these videos have put my to sleep sometimes. Suzie's voice is so soothing its almost asmr like. <3


  11. I just love this product. I hope to be able to become a great nail tech like you someday. Going to school is hard for me since I'm disabled and have a little one. I hope to get there one day.

  12. How the hell can people live with those looooong asssssss nails?

  13. I HATED glitter….. Until I subscribed to Suzie LOL ??

  14. H?L?
    Simply Nailogical squad where you at? ?

  15. That's not holo someone send help Christine HELP

  16. I like the raised, 3D look whn u used the black gel. I agree tht sparkles mk everything look good… it's like an automatic injection of happy +NailCareerEducation, TY Suzie❣❣

  17. I wonder if it would clog after a few uses in the spray bottle?!

  18. the camera man should try doing nails to see how well he listened to her! Like if you agree! ?

  19. Holosexuals where u atttttt

  20. The holo is nice but wow that blue!

  21. That's the Mercedes logo, not a peace sign…

  22. @simplynailogical you should try to get this "holo glitter" though it doesn't seem very holo at all.

  23. I'll tell it rather simply;
    I'll say it plain and true-
    A single thing is all I want
    And all I want is you.

    There are no other riches,
    No treasures or possessions
    That ever could compare with you,
    My fondest of obsessions.

    You are the very air I breathe,
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  24. These videos are so soothing.

  25. Get a little jiggy. lol <3 You're amazing, Suzie!

  26. can someone answer this for me? Will UV curing age your hands? Does LED curing age hands?

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