Holo Hair Transformation: A Holographic Hair Tutorial

Today I’m doing a holographic hair tutorial and showing you how I did this holo hair transformation. Time to let my true self shine with this hair transformation!!

I’m a big simplynailogical fan, so I wanted to make this video partially from my love of holo, partially for all of my fellow holosexuals! It’s a crazy hair how to for sure, but I hope you love all of the ~*holo*~ goodness!

  • My product collab at Sephora! → Here

What I’m Wearing

  • Holo Tinsel: Ebay
  • Holo Flakies: Twinkled T
  • Chunky Holo
  • Holo Squeeze Pouch: By Brite Organix, but I can’t find it online at all!