Holo Zig Zag Nails + Super Chic Swatches


  1. Hi Hannah! What do you use for your white background?

  2. Hello! AWESOME VIDEO!! I LOVE ALL the polishes but am currently broke on nail polish money. I lOVE Spill it, Throwing Shade and Swoon!!! Loved the Video, subbed:)

  3. These look amazing. I love Exposed, Juicy, and Throwing Shade.

  4. Throwing Shade and Dirty Laundry are so pretty! Those are my favorites!

  5. I love dirty laundry and spill it

  6. Exposed, Spill it and Queen of tea nail polishes are my favs

  7. Queen of tea and juicy were my favorites ? love how bright seem the colors

  8. OMG so many lovey colors. maybe this is why i have way to many polishes. love these names and colors ! 40 winks, zombie crush, awkward turtle, awesome sauce, dirty laundry, boo, deadpool, I really just love them all.

  9. My favourite shades were spill it and queen of tea. They are all gorgeous though, I really would wear all of the shades. I never knew about the painter's tape trick. I would have left the tape on until the polish dried so I learned something new today. Great giveaway too.

  10. I love juicy, exposed and dirty laundry. Awesome vid!

  11. My fave is Cotton-headed Ninny Muggins!

  12. Thanks for the giveaway my favorite is Throwing Shade love the video…

  13. Hi Hannah, my fav afe dophamine and juicy shades but i like all of them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. My fave are Cherub and Spill it ?

  15. My fave shades: Dopamine, Dirty Laundry & Juicy ?

  16. I love the shade "Spill It". So pretty ??

  17. I just love Dopamine and Exposed! Beautiful colors, would be great to win those and play with it!
    My insta: @lottesnails

  18. How am I supposed to chose between those greens and blues for a favorite?! Spill it might be my favorite.

  19. My favorites are exposed, spill it and juicy! I love your videos so much and I hope I can be the lucky winner of this awesome giveaway. Thanks for this!!

  20. I love them all! But if I had to choose just a few it would be Dirty Laundry, Throwing Shade and Juicy. Please enter me in the giveaway

  21. I love the Dirty Laundry one ???

  22. Great video. My favorite colors are Dirty Laundry, Cherub, and Dopamine. Please enter me into the contest. Thank you.

  23. I loveeee Spill It & Throwing Shade. Beautiful holos ❤️❤️

  24. My favorites are spill it and exposed!! Thanks for the tut, it’s super cute!!

  25. I love Throwing Shade, Dirty Laundry and Spill It

  26. Love these polishes! Favorite from this new collection is Spill It. I also love the Elf collection. My favorite from that one is Son of a Nutcracker!

  27. Juicy and Throwing shade are definitely my all time favorites!!! Love from Vietnam ??

  28. My favorite shades are, Queen of Tea, Exposed, Spill It All and Cherub. So pretty and Holo❤️?

  29. I love all of the colours ? but if I had to pick my favourites would be spill it, queen of tea, swoon, juicy and exposed

  30. I love Queen of Tea, Throwing Shade, and Juicy. Thanks for the giveaway!!! ❤️??

  31. I love juicy and dirty laundry! They’re so pretty! ❤️

  32. Throwing shade looks so beautiful!

  33. To many polishes to choose from. I love any polish that is any shade of blue, purple, or pink. Love this collection

  34. Exposed, spill it and throwing shade i love the holo in bright color nailpolish ??

  35. I really loved Chronicles of the Dreamcatcher! ✨❤️

  36. I love throwing shade and dirty laundry!!!! Thanks for the giveaway !

  37. I love Exposed nail polish!

  38. Right now, the ones I'm in love wih are Juicy, Exposed and Queen of Tea. So pretty!

  39. Dirty laundry, Queen of tea and Spill it are my favourites!

  40. The whole collection is amazing, but my faves have to be spill it and dirty laundry!

  41. My favorite shades are Exposed, Juicy, and Dirty Laundry!

  42. I love lucid la la land, 40 winks, and throwing shade!! The richness of the colors is beautiful

  43. I loove Exposed, and Queen Of Tea!

  44. From this collection my favs are: juicy, queen of tea and dirty laundry. But in general I love their entire Dreamology Collection + pheromone and rum billie. I just adore this brand with all my heart. Their holos are unique, the formula is perfect and the color payoff is just on point. I really hope I win!! Hugs!

  45. Spill it, Juicy and dirty laundry are my favourites ?please enter me in the giveaway ?

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