Holographic cat nails with vinyls – SO EASY MEOW


  1. I am a child and you are not going to be doing crack when I watch yo video

  2. Christine: we do this for HOURS *HOURS*for 5 minutes of your pleasure
    Me: it's actually 6 minutes and 41 seconds on the dot

  3. I saw a little girl wearing this nail design I kept walking and laughing

  4. I'm gonna like my own comment because no one else will!?

  5. I wonder what Christine is like at work… ?

  6. Thank you for spending hours of agony for our pleasure, I enjoy it

  7. " I got these vinyls from TwinkleT, I got these brushes from Twinkle T…"

    "I am not sponsored by Twinkle T"

  8. i love HOLO and cats put them together you make this video

  9. ????????????????????????????????????

    Cat porn!

  10. Why isn't Zyler special?? Treat Zylar the same and Menchie

  11. She said TOP COAT instead of TOCO ????

  12. I loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve

  13. When she was saying meow over and over my cat looked at me weirdly cos she didn't know what it was??

  14. I just watch this for " add nail vinyls next"

  15. Blackpink is actually a Korean girl group

  16. Watched this at 144p and the holo is still blinding

  17. I think she likes menhie better than zyler

  18. Should I buy silver holo or black holo? (I can only afford one)

  19. This was published on my birthday ?

  20. The one video she doesn't sponge on the holo ???

  21. Vinyl-ly

    The beginning of the vid

  22. I have Harp On It in my collection

  23. Who came here after she showed us the "failed" version of this

  24. blackpink in your area 🙂

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