HOLY GRAIL FOUNDATION?? Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation REVIEW!

Today I’ll be trying the NEW Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation! This $40.00 foundation promises to give you full coverage, flawless, long lasting Instagram skin in a bottle!!! I tested the foundation out for 3 days and have some serious thoughts to share with you! Do you think it works? Let me know what you think in the comments down below!!

  • The Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation is $40.00 and is available → here

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.


  1. YOU’RE SUCH A QUEEN!! ???????

  2. YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION ❤️ stay slaying Nikki.

  3. I started using Nivea men's after shave balm for a primer and it's AMAZING!!! Thank you Nikkie!!!!

  4. The real question here Nikkie is… what is YOUR favourite foundation? I need to know pleaseeeee!!

  5. This is a good review but your description didn’t say that it was spon but when I clicked on the link it redirected through rstyle?

  6. My tried and true foundation is Tartes Amazonian clay foundation it last all day lije I have it on for 16 hours and still perfect usually don't have to powder at all just a beautiful foundation!

  7. Love how you do your makeup! The foundation is flawless! I wear my makeup just like you, gotta have that full coverage! My go to foundation right now is the YSL All Hours foundation, it is amazing! Thank you for the review! Love and makeup! ????

  8. Kisses from Paraguay, Nikkie you are the best❤️??????

  9. I loooooove you nikki you just seem so kind hearted and sweet?????

  10. I've been seeing people use monistat as a primer and I would want to see what you think about it!!

  11. I think you should do a GRWM in a different language, ex, your Holland dialect. It would be very fun video in my opinion. I love watching your videos cuz I'm pale too, NW13! !

  12. What happened to the nose highlight? ?

  13. Dermacol is my fave right now but oh god when I saw Nikkie throw that brush I'll never be able to afford my heart brokeee

  14. NARS sheer glow is my go to foundation it is so glowy and flawless and you have total control over the coverage✨✨

  15. Okay so is it just me or does the foundation oxides after a while

  16. Favorite foundation so far is the TooFace Peach foundation. It just works well for my skin. The smell I could live without :p

  17. Fav Foundation: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea (3 droppers) and Urban Decay All Nighter (2 pumps) mixed!! BEST COMBO EVER!!!


  19. I love love love your videos ,wish you could upload more times a week??

  20. Barefacetutorials to Glamfacetutorials just like that, Bam!!! ?❤️

  21. OMG not a foundation but the It! Cosmetics CC Cream?? Everything!!! It's as full of a coverage CC creams get and helps with my hyperpigmentation!

  22. my fave foundation is tarte rainforest of the sea ITS SO GOOD!

  23. Don't get me wrong on this, this is not me hating on you Nikkie, but I'm honestly very disappointed that you reviewed this with such an expensive primer. Yes, I know, you have said it in the video but you have to know that not everyone can afford such products. The foundation is already expensive enough. I would like to see you trying out new primer which aren't that expensive.

  24. Why is watching Nikkie put on foundation so satisfying

  25. “ foundation lips “ ?? love your videos so much Nikki that eye look was everything ?

  26. My favorite Foundation right now is the Wet Nd wild Photo focus and sometimes I mix alittle bit of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation with it Bcuz I'm a full coverage Bitch lol I don't have much acne but I my face is a little red sometimes and those cover it up like a dream. I love how this Foundation looks it's Absolutely Beautiful the coverage kinda reminds me of the Dermacol foundation I love the way it looks on your skin girl and that Highlight the Glazed donut is absolutely BEAUTIFUL OMFG ?? ? Blinding!! But your right $40 is kinda expensive for a Foundation especially when there is other Foundation that is full coverage but it's a beautiful finish I love the finish but I hear it has a Old lady perfume smell and I'd be nervous to use it on my face.

  27. “Bare face tutorials” ??????????????

  28. shane would be the one putting that hateful comment??

  29. “Plastic fantastic” Trixie Mattel? Is that you!?

  30. What brush does she use to highlight?

  31. yo… 7 minutes in (literally half video) and i still haven't seen the foundation on…
    GIRL. come on.

  32. I literally use NARS soft matte complete concealer as foundation every single day… sometimes you just gotta do it to em

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