Home DIY Tutorial – My Pantry Makeover

Here’s a DIY pantry makeover / home decor video tutorial for you! You can use these how to ideas for your kitchen or closets!

I thought I’d show you a room decor video in my kitchen! I love organizing so DIY organization is obviously my happy place! These are all super easy and quick. You don’t have to be a do it yourself master to pull these off! Depending on your choices of materials this can also be a really cheap and affordable hack to great organizing! So have fun getting your kitchen pinterest ready!

★What I used:★


  1. Wow. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is good organisation. I am always wondering where the remaining or left over stuff in the package goes after you sort them into the jar. I had sugar jar and jar for pasta. But not all sugar and pasta fit. So what can I do with them? Please some suggestions. Thanks

  3. 55555

  4. Please do shoes baskets diy thanks

  5. Nice job, where did u find those jars, Ive been looking but cant find enough of all the same to redo my daughters kitchen…not trying to spend a lot of money either

  6. I know this video was about DIY but all I can focus on is your hair!! It's gorgeous!!! Your pantry does look beautiful, but wow that hair!!!

  7. I need that freaking gray basket. Where can I find it?

  8. I am currently looking for organization ideas for my baby's nursery and I love the idea of spray painting the frames and adding them to baskets!

  9. U did an awesome job kayley,?love your pantry,so cute!?

  10. I'm totally gonna grab those baskets for my bathroom. We have a tiny linen closet the size of your pantry and this was just the inspiration i needed!

  11. Pretty! You could have just covered the glass. 😉

  12. amazinnnngggglllyyyyyy helpful!!!!!! superrrrrrrr auwsmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. So cute!!! You did such an amazing job and I'm OBSESSED with how organized it is!!!

  14. where I can get this spice containers

  15. Where did you buy the baskets?


  17. How much you spend for this project? Can I find this stuff from dollar store? As I don't spent extra more money for it

  18. Soo purfect! Love everything: square glass jars, spice racks, white pen labels, gray baskets, creative diy gold trimmed labels. ?

  19. أحب تنظيمك وترتيبك ??????❤❤❤❤❤انت رائعة. very nice

  20. I love your Home DIY decor… And i also love your hair style, how did you do that?

  21. Very pretty, one of the best organized pantry ideos on youtube. I love the gold labels.

  22. Where did you get the spice jars?

  23. I want that wallpaper! Where did you get itttttt ahh I need it

  24. Those baskets are amazing and I also loved the picture frame labels!

  25. these jars are soo pretty!! I love this pantry!!!

  26. Hi Kayley, what do you use to storage all the spices? It seems like a little stair … ?

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