Home-made Fish Fingers with a Chip Butty – Gordon Ramsay


  1. For a Scotsman, he’s not using nowhere enough oil to fry those chips

  2. I just tried to make the fish finger today' i taste really good

  3. I can watch gordon ramsay cook anything over and over again but i wonder when ill ever get the motivation to cook the meals he shows us how to do?

  4. 3:37, if you want a SEXUAL AROUSMENT, LOLOLOL

  5. Gordon Ramsay, I am 300 million light years away from being a chef. And yet, your tutorials make my family think I’m a great cook based on your tutorials. Thank you ?

  6. That was awful butter spreading

  7. What kind of flavored flour? I need specifics on that.
    Tried it. I think my mistake is putting all my fish in the pan and it broke apart but the flavor is awesome 🙂

  8. Never slice in an Angle, i genuinely want to know why Mr Ramsay ? Hope you respond.

  9. Looks great, only one thing missing Gordon, a nice hot cup of Tea, no cold drinks with Fish fingers n chips unless tha's a nipper like !! (gonna have a go me sen)

  10. I wonder if he actually ate this…

  11. Yes but which temperature the oven ?

  12. I used this recipe and it made wonders to my taste buds

  13. I prefer diced 1 cm/s blanched potato then add the paprika or any other spice then deep oven bake with a toss half way through cooking, add some special BBQ dip or mayo or any other dip and they just delicious

  14. Never slice on an angle? Are you smoking crack you odd Scottish cunt

  15. Ok Ramsey stuck your whole god damm face in your delicious food your gonna mess up

  16. There's actually nothing more satisfying than making your own breaded and shallow fried fish at home…cod, hake, whatever. I put a tiny bit of grated parmesan and a pinch of paprika in the crumbs.


    Well, that's just like, your opinion, man…

    (Love you Gordon)

  18. would mackarel be a good alternate fish?

  19. British people are fucking nuts, put potatoes in a sandwich and have fish on the side.

  20. Plz pull a prank on 1of the chef's by doing to dishes but telling them these is my dish and this is for somebody's dish but u maked the 2 dishes

  21. I do love me some french fry sandwiches.

  22. 0:31 what is meant by "blanj" or whatever that was and did he put the fries in water or oil

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