How can I hide my arms this summer?

The weather’s heating up and the hemlines getting shorter! For some of us, it might not be our favorite season. If you’re looking for more coverage, but don’t want to overheat, there are ways you can stay cool in the heat and flatter your arms.

Here’s how to keep your arms covered and still stay cool! 

Tops to Cover Arms

Cold Shoulder Tops

Yes, we’re still crushing on cold shoulder tops! If you’re okay with showing some shoulder, spring for a top with a larger shoulder cut-out and a short sleeve. Want more coverage? Reach for one with a small shoulder-slit and a three-quarter or long sleeve. Since you’ll be keeping covered up, stick with breathable fabrics like cotton, linen and rayon this season.

Boho Blouses

Boho is also here to stay! Keep cool in flowy fits that catch the wind just right (if you’re lucky enough to catch a summer breeze). Again, three-quarter sleeve blouses will be your best bet for staying cool and keeping your arms covered this season.

Button-up Shirts

Suprise, button-up blouses aren’t just for the office! Even though, the first word you think of might be ‘business’, make it a party by wearing a patterned tank underneath your favorite button-up during the summer. Chambray and white button-ups are the perfect options for a summer picnic or brunch. Plus, they can easily double as a lightweight jacket throughout the day.

We all have those not-so-favorite areas, but with a few tricks and clever wardrobe adjustments, we can definitely turn those into our favorite features!


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