How Childhood Teasing Lead 1 Woman to Become an Empowered Athletic Trainer

Regardless of where you grew up, it may have been difficult to find your spot in school . . . to feel like you ever really fit in. Elise Young, trainer, coach, and motivator definitely had that experience as a kid. Here, she opens up about feeling “different” for being athletic. Now that she’s grown into herself and has a different perspective, she helps young athletes feel confident about who they are. She uses that experience now as she helps young female athletes feel confident about who they are. Learn more about Elise, plus see how her creativity inspires all of her workouts.

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  1. I think it should be "Led 1 Woman." 🙂

  2. Do you mean a "personal trainer" or an "athletic trainer"? Two very different things.

  3. Awesome! I follow her workouts on IG, she's ???

  4. Can we get a strength training workout using dumbells please? I checked out almost all of them and I can't help wanting more ❤

  5. I thought it was Tati from the thumbnail

  6. Thanks a lot popsugar..i m ur new follower..i ve created a playlist of ur videos nd doing them for almost 6 weeks nd m glad results are visible..i m feeling reallly goood? thanx a tonn for all what u do✌??

  7. Aww I came here hoping to be first since I have learned a lot from popsugar . But no! People get here so fast!!?

  8. Must look like a right twat using a kids Park to do exercises. How do squats and lunges on a slide help? No different than the floor. And biologically girls are weaker then boys. Tell them they are as strong all you want but see who gets knocked out in a fight first. All this feminism is cancer.

  9. My very favourite Instagram Work out guru!!

  10. The first comment !! Yes . I love all popsugar videos. They inspire me the utmost thank you popsugar

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