How do I keep my off the shoulder tops up?

The off-the-shoulder top has pretty much unofficially been named the be-all, end-all of trends for the summer season. Sometimes, off the shoulder tops do a better job of staying on our shoulders than we like—but lucky for you (and us) our Stylists are pretty savvy.

Keep reading to see how to keep an off the shoulder top in place!

How to keep off the shoulder tops from sliding

Find the Right Size

First things first, it’s all about fit. Your off the shoulder top should fit comfortably on your shoulders, but not cut into your arms or loose enough where you’re having to constantly pull it up. If you’re working with a medium to large bust, make sure that your top is a little snug around your bustline (but not too tight!)—your gals will actually help your top stay in place.

How to Make your Off the Shoulder tops stay put

But, even with perfect sizing, you can’t change the laws of gravity and elastic. Here’s a simple hack that will keep your top in place!

  1. Grab 4 safety pins and two hair rubber bands.
  2. Attach two safety pins to either end of a hair rubberband and pin it towards the top of your sleeves, from the front of your shirt to the back. Pin the safety pins where they’ll be concealed, like a seam or elastic.
  3. Repeat with another band on the other side. When you put your top on, slide the hair rubber bands beneath your armpits to keep your top from moving above your shoulders.

Off the shoulder tops don’t have to be a hassle! Looking for more tips? Watch YouTube’s Ally Chen share more fashion hacks to save the day!


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