How do I keep tab sleeves from unrolling?

The great thing about a tab sleeve top is that it’s a versatile style that can be worn as a long-sleeved top buttoned at the wrist for a crisp, clean look or rolled into a three-quarter sleeve length for a casual feel. Here are few tips to try to keep those tab sleeves secure and fashion-forward all day long.

Keep reading to learn how to keep tab sleeves in place!

How to Keep Tab Sleeves from Unrolling

1. Tightly roll

This trick will work best with slinkier fabrics like silk, rayon and polyester. To start, try cuffing the sleeve and roll them into 2-inch strips as tightly (and neatly) as you can. Once you’ve reached your desired length, pull the tab out and fasten your tab sleeve.

2. Try the double-fold

This trick works better with stiffer fabric, such as cotton or chambray. Start by folding the sleeve in half, so that the bottom of the sleeve meets the top of your elbow or where the button for the tab is located. From there, fold the fabric in half again and secure.

3. Fold inward

One other option is to fold inward so that the cuff sits on the inside of your sleeve. This trick will work best with textural fabrics, like linen. Before you roll up your sleeves, be sure to pull the tab out so that it doesn’t get rolled up inside!

Get ready to tuck and roll with these tricks and let us know if you have any tricks of your own up your sleeve!


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