How do I remove sweat stains from a white tee shirt?

We’ve all been there—you toss on your perfect white tee only to notice that dreaded yellowing at the armpit. But don’t sweat! You may be able to save your favorite tee with common household items hiding in your cupboards and keep sweat stains from happening altogether.

Read on for a few DIY tips to remove sweat stains:

how to remove sweat stains

First things first: Did you know? Sweat stains are not actually caused by sweat! Your aluminum-based deodorant might be the culprit, which can cause yellowing when it reacts with sweat.

Spot treat with vinegar

Add two tablespoons of vinegar to one cup water & apply to the stains. Rub gently, let sit for 30 minutes & wash. Use cold water to wash & don’t add heat until the stain is completely gone to avoid setting.

Mix baking soda & hydrogen peroxide

Mix equal parts of two household staples—baking soda & hydrogen peroxide—with equal part water to form a paste. Rub into stains & wash as above.

Use Lemons as a Stain Remover

Have a few lemons in the garden? Squeeze the juice into equal parts water, rub into stains & toss in the wash.

Soak Out the Stain

If one spot treatment isn’t enough, double up! Mix one cup vinegar with two cups of water & let your garment soak for 20 minutes. Next, mix ½ cup baking soda with a tablespoon each of salt & hydrogen peroxide to form a paste. Wring out your tee & rub! Toss it into a load of whites & voila!

Washing Tip: Never reach for bleach! Chlorine bleach can actually have the opposite effect by making sweat stains appear darker.

If you’ve got more stains to combat, you’re in luck! We’ve got a printable washing guide that you can tape right next to your washing machine—or wherever you do your laundry.


Have your own tricks for removing sweat stains? Tell us!

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