How do I style a long torso and short legs?

Looser tops, high-waisted pants, dresses, outerwear (surprise!) and accessories can all create the illusion of a more traditionally proportionate torso-to-leg ratio.

Shirts and blouses that float away from your body and hit at your hip flatter your torso by concealing the point where your natural waist starts, while simultaneously balancing your proportions.

Long Torso, Short legs. Ther perfect top

How to Style a Long Torso and Short Legs: Wear High-Waisted Pants

Bottoms that have a high waistband elongate the look of your legs and balance out the look of your torso. For skirts, it’s important that they hit above the knee or higher. Ask your Stylist to send you darker colors or even a lengthening pinstripe if you’re looking to mix up your lower half.

Long Torso, Short legs. The perfect bottom

How to Style a Long Torso and Short Legs: Try Dresses!

Look for silhouettes that have a fuller skirt like an A-line or fit and flare. These flattering cuts elongate your legs while adding curvature and definition to your frame. Ask your Stylist for a woven maxi skirt style if you’re looking to try this style.

Long Torso, Short legs

How to Style a Long Torso and Short Legs: Look for Outwear that Balances

Outerwear with a slight crop that hits above your hip and below your waist will encourage balance around your natural waist. Just make sure to avoid cropped jackets or vests, which can create the illusion of unbalanced proportions.

How to Style a Long Torso and Short Legs: Enhance with Accessories

Short statement necklaces or chandelier earrings will draw the eye upwards and away from your bottom half. Longer necklaces, which act like an arrow, will only lengthen your torso. Thick waist belts do a fabulous job of creating a division between the waist and legs that make the torso appear shorter.
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