How Hot Should Your Curling Iron Be?? How to not burn your hair

Let’s answer it: How hot should your curling iron be / how not to burn your hair. The temperature of your curling wand is super important. Whether your hair is fine or thick, I have the answers for you!

Temperature Conversion:

  • 250F = 121C
  • 275F = 135C
  • 300F = 149C
  • 325F = 163C
  • 350F = 177C
  • 375F = 191C
  • 400F = 204C
  • 425F = 218C


  1. Braidiacs!!!!! love it!

  2. Straightener curls! Can you do a demonstration as well!

  3. What about heat protecting products?

  4. Thank you so much Kayley. I have naturally thin strands of hair, but I also use quite a bit of heat on my hair and I thought it was normal to use hot tools at 400 degrees. My hair has been SUPER damaged the past few years and now i know why!

  5. My hair wont hold a curl. My sweet spot is around 350 to 375 hair is hot but not scalding. I don't mess with it until it is cool but within a few hours the curl is gone. Hair spray or not gone. Lol I've given up hope.

  6. This is CRAZY HELPFUL! Thank you!!!!!

  7. My hair is thick and coarse, but damaged from bleach/color. I've figured out that my best curling/heat styling temp for me is 390 degrees Farenheit, holding it only for 4 seconds. When my hair was healthy and just thick and coarse, I had to do 425 degrees and hold for 5 seconds. So how healthy your hair is definitely makes a huge difference! Hope this helps anyone kind of figure out their own range in relative to mine

  8. Im glad i found this video, your beautiful. Greetings from Sweden.

  9. what if you have a curling iron that doesn't have a temperature set??

  10. DIY wedding hairstyles pleaseeee

  11. Omg you remind me so much of Rosanna Pansino but for hair!

  12. Ahhh Braidiacs is so goooood!!!

  13. Okay so Kayley, I have medium thick hair that is kind of course. I hardly ever heat style my hair but I do braid it (usually wet) everyday. BUT I have very frizzy hair. I use Garnier shampoo and conditioner and I wash my hair every day because my roots get super oily. Do you have any tips on how to make my hair less frizzy and healthier????

  14. Have you had any new piercings since your last video if so please can you do a video about it ?

  15. Me, a person who did their own hair in complicated hairstyles since I was five, before watching: What could I possibly learn from that, isn't it obvious?!
    Me, two minutes in: Ooooooooooh

  16. Braidy Bunch is so cute for a name. I have fairly thick hair so usually stick to drying my hair for waves/curls but I guess I need to get braver with the heat.

  17. Medium thin hair and 130-150C 10 seconds

  18. I love the Braidy Bunch!!!! But I think all the names are cute! ?

  19. 275F to 300F for 6-7 seconds is my sweet spot.
    My hair is partly straight partly wavy, medium thickness, not colored, had a bit of heat damage from a while ago.

  20. Could you do scarf hairstyle video??

  21. Wait this is Fahrenheit right? You started saying these numbers and I was shocked ? until I remembered you’re American. Wait wth 10 seconds? That’s like one straw or less and still cool

  22. This is ridiculously helpful! Why didn't I learn about your channel earlier?!

  23. Hey! Great video! Could you make one about the differences between kinds of curling irons (materials etc..) and what's the difference between a curling iron and a wand? Having a hard time choosing what to buy..
    Thanks!! xx

  24. Medium to thick hair. 375. 10 seconds. Curls last 3 days. Must pin yo head until cool.

  25. I have thick, straight hair that hasn’t been dyed in about 2 and a half years. I hear style once a week maybe. I do 400-410 for 8-10 seconds. I also feel that using a traditional iron with a clamp rather than a wand gives a better curl and hold for me.

  26. Mindblowingly amazingly helpful and eye opening as per usual! I was actually wondering this bc i knew i was setting my things too high (damaged + fine hair here). I cant wait to style my hair next time to try this out!

    Also thanks for taking the time to write the conversions, really useful! I probably wouldnt have tried your tips if you hadnt cause i wouldnt have bothered to look for them myself (lazy af) haha. And also your metaphors are the BOMB so on point i totally got what you meant and with your gestures and everything haha.

    Youre the best! Saving this gem in my beauty tips playlist for future reference and to send this vid if anyone i know ever wonders about this too 🙂


  27. All your tips on curling hair changed my life. I've had pin straight thick hair that refused to hold a curl. A couple of years back you mentioned that thing about the curl forming as hair cools. Now sometimes I can coax my hair into curls. Thanks for sharing!

  28. One of the only actually helpful explanations out there. I love the braidaholic name.

  29. So my whole teenage and adult life I've had super bleached very short hair and have been growing it out for the last 10 years. I finally have past waist length hair that is healthy and no longer treated at all. Increasingly I've been baffled as to how to style my "new" hair and finding your channel has been beyond helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And please do more styles without french braiding, lol, I give up on that.

  30. I watched the whole thing! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us in such a delightful and approachable way. ✨

  31. What heat protectant do you recommend?

  32. This was so helpful, I had the completely wrong idea on how to use a curling iron lol

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