1. I love your video! Thank you. I just got my hair cut very similar to yours and was looking for good ways to style it. ?

  2. does anyone else have no clue how to do the straightener part. i've tried and it doesn't work

  3. where did you buy that sweater? Love your hair and love u so much! (sorry for my english?)❤️

  4. I'm new to your channel and I love how your foundation looks. It looks dewy and healthy I was wondering what foundation you use. My foundations always look cakey

  5. For some reason at first glance in the thumbnail she looks like a super pretty version of Jackie from the 70's Show…. weird.

  6. I dont what im doing wrong but i wont work on my hair with the straightener

  7. You are literally one of the prettiest people I have ever seen❤️

  8. What do you recommend as I have long hair but it's quite thin I want volume waves ? X

  9. oh my god just found you you are AMAZING

  10. Your eyebrows don't look the same..

  11. Oml I'm loving the straightener version I've been doing it myself now for a couple of days and I'm starting 8th grade on Monday and this is what I'm going to do a lot more often

  12. Jordan what is your lipstick, I love it!

  13. ppl who are recent on jordan … idk if on snapchat she said that the tattoo on her instagram was her first or not … but you can see she has a wrist tattoo in the video

  14. love this video! I recently cut my hair & this video gave me some ideas 🙂

  15. can you do a video on contouring??? !!!

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